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Educational Opportunities Tours hopes 2022 will mark the return of traveling freely to destinations around the world!

Christian journeys in 2022 will be very meaningful as travelers reconnect with people, visit new and familiar destinations, and share in the different cultures of the world again. Though the suspension of travel has been difficult, EO continues to serve travelers planning on safe and healthy travel in the future. Our mission remains the same: Change the Church, the Ministry, and individual lives by deliver Christian journeys of a lifetime.

Educational Opportunities Tours is a Christian travel ministry that has been delivering Christian journeys of a lifetime for almost 50 years. Travelers have joined EO around the world on Holy Land pilgrimages, Bible land expeditions – by land and sea, Church heritage tours, retreat cruises, and cultural explorations. EO’s travel experts and on-site hospitality staff serve each guest by handling all travel details and ensuring safety and health throughout each journey; curated itineraries, educational resources, and guest speakers create unique experiences that change individual lives, ministry, and the Church. 


EOX – exceptional expeditions for 6-16 travelers
– is a new service, introduced by EO to provide guaranteed private travel options for small groups. Whether you want to travel with your family, church group, or class, EOX will help you customize a journey to fit your schedule and travel preferences. Whether you want a slower pace or an adventure trip, EOX will help you plan the journey of a lifetime.

Journeys for the Florida Annual Conference in 2022
We invite you to join us for these two journeys in 2022 that feature speakers from Florida:

Celebration Cruise 2022
January 24 – February 4 on the Celebrity Constellation
Caribbean and the Americas cruise from Tampa
Jeremy Hearn, 1st UMC  Lakeland – Guest Musician

Lands of the Bible Cruise
September 22 – October 5 on the new Celebrity Apex
Rome, Athens, Corinth, the Holy Land, Ephesus, and more
Bishop Ken Carter – Guest Speaker

Thank you for entrusting your Christian travel needs to EO Tours. We look forward to serving you.


 Contact EO Directors of Travel Ministry for more information

Jim & Pam Rosenburg                                   Bob Brown & Becky Rutland
Lakeland, FL                                                    New Smyrna Beach, FL                     


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