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A diverse medical group of health professionals at the Quessua Hospital, including locals and missionary doctors Leo and Cleivy Garcia, strive to improve both the quality and accessibility of health care across this disadvantaged community. At a time when drug shortages are crippling Angola's health service, the Florida Conference has been providing medicines and medical supplies to the hospital. These medicines are offered at no cost to the community.

An Imagine No Malaria (INM) program is also being implemented in Quessua. Through this initiative, insecticide-treated nets have been distributed in the community. Local volunteers have been trained to raise awareness and provide education on the prevention of malaria while the hospital addresses diagnosis and treatment. Advance #102040 



A nutritious meal is served to between 400-500 children at the Quessua United Methodist Church every Sunday. This is an initiative started by missionaries Leo and Cleivy Garcia and the Alumni Association of Quessua (AEAQ). For some of the children, it is the main meal that they have during the week. The Florida Conference subsidizes the program. Advance #100090





The Days for Girls (DfG) Kit is a washable feminine hygiene kit that provides menstrual hygiene management for girls and women. All DfG Kit distributions in Quessua are conducted with health education. Individual volunteer Ruthie Schaad spearheads this program. While kits initially were put together and sent by churches in the Florida Conference, at present they are also being made by the girls in Quessua.