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Água potável para Quessua!

(Portuguese for “Clean Water for Quessua!”)

Water is finally flowing again from the hand pump well near Mufongo village, Quessua! A dream come true and an answer to prayer. Installed by UNICEF in the 1980’s, this well has not produced water for approximately 29 years. All parts were removed during the Angola civil war.  Over time, the pipe became stopped up with rocks, tile pieces and debris. Old timers insisted that abundant sweet water used to flow from this well. Two long and arduous days were spent repairing the well.  Darkness had fallen on the third day when clear, clean water finally started pumping from the well. The excited kids took turns operating their new pump and tasting the water.

The good news? This well now provides clean water for more than 700 Mufongo villagers and even for some in a neighboring village!

The challenge? Another seven wells still need to be repaired and three new ones dug in the villages around the Quessua Methodist Mission. Until then, children and women in these villages continue to spend hours every day, walking to collect poor quality water for their families while vulnerable children continue to suffer and even die from water-born diseases.

If you want to support this initiative to improve health and quality of life in Quessua, East Angola, click HERE to make your tax-deductible contribution. Designate your gift as “Clean water for Quessua.”

Thank you for your continued commitment to serve Jesus by serving others!


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