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Disaster Response Front Team

The Disaster Response Front Team (DRFT) is a specialized team trained to go into a disaster area and support the response of the local church. The DRFT works with the District Disaster Response Coordinator, the District Office and the local United Methodist Church to assess the size and scope of the disaster, who’s responding, how they’re responding and what resources – financial, material or volunteer – are needed to support the response. DRFT deployment is coordinated by the Conference Disaster Response Coordinator working with the District Disaster Response Coordinator, the district office and their churches.  

As the DRFT gathers and communicates information to the conference, the Conference Disaster Response Coordinator works collaboratively with other responding organizations to coordinate the delivery and distribution of urgently needed resources. The DRFT ability to serve as “boots on the ground” in support of our local UMC response, improves our ability to get the right resources to the right place at the right time.