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Deep Dive is a form of a teaching church with immersion into a select topic of focus. We are using our connection of churches in the Florida Conference to teach other churches. What is different about this style is that each Deep Dive is a small gathering with 5-7 churches, delving into the host church's best practices and learnings as they have grown and tried various methods. Keeping the attendance small and digging deeper into this one topic, keeps the learning conversational and collaborative

Currently, there are six topics of focus: Discipleship, Worship, Leadership, Staff, Finance, and Systems (some specializing in larger properties). We will make every effort to have these six topics in the 3 regions - North FL, Central FL, and South FL. 

Structure? The standard format starts Day 1 at 10AM allowing people to travel in that morning. Lunch will be provided by the host church. The agenda is robust with some evening meet-ups with laity on that topic. Day 2 starts at 9AM with continued learning and finishing mid to late morning, closing with a coaching piece about implementation from the information learned. 

Cost? There is not a fee for participation. The attending church will be responsible for their own travel costs including mileage, overnight stay, and meals. 

Who to bring? Each attending church should bring a team of 3-5 people. The pastor, staff person for that area, laity for the committee of that area, and anyone else connected to that topic area. (max of 5 from a church) 

Deep Dive Topics


The medium or large church will share their processes for making disciples, their system for the flow of a visitor to being a full devoted/serving member, continuous spiritual formation, plus more. Learn from staff, clergy, and laity in churches who have committed to making this area strong and vital for fulfilling our mission of making new disciples.

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The host church will share about excellence in various worship styles, developing a worship design team, having smooth transitions, planning for months at a time, using organizational tools, a budget for worship and more.

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As you grow, what structure is best? - Council or Team, discovery and development of leaders, agreements of the team, collaborating with the Lay Leadership in the medium to large church, creating a plan for the vision of the church.

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Systems and Properties

Learning the complexities of working with the larger church property(s) and even multiple campuses, infrastructure, budget and upkeep of property/parsonage, use by outside organizations, Trustees, staffing complexities, facilities personnel, mergers and acquisitions, cemetery or columbarium, organizational software, relationship to the city, and more.

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Learn from those who are organized about: Reports coming in and going out, endowments and reserves, audits, capital campaigns, when money is tight, staffing appropriate for the budget, and more.

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Hear about the various levels and layers of staff in the medium and larger churches, delegation, leading staff, SPRC with job descriptions and evaluations, budget of staffing, ongoing development of people, the hiring process, systems in place, covenant for the staff, and more.

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