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Deep Dives Online

Online Deep Dives are meant to be a focused sharing (about 30 minutes and no more than 1 hour) to allow participation during lunch or replay later.

A topic expert hosts giving tips, ideas, and what to avoid. Topics will vary from Children's Ministries, School Church, Finance, and so much more!



Current Open Registrations:

Both/And Worship Deep Dive (Online)
Friday, February 19, 10AM - 12:30PM OR Thursday, February 25, 6:30PM - 9PM
A 2.5 hour workshop that delves into strategies for creating powerful transformative worship where no one feels like they're an afterthought.
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Children's Ministry in the Small Church

Time: 29:25

Session 2:
Time: 40:23 (Including prize drawings)


  1. Tips for Serving a Smaller Ministry
  2. Curriculum Flyer
  3. Note of Encouragement
  4. Volunteer Thank You Ideas
  5. PPT for Session 1 (PDF)
  6. PPT for Session 2 (PDF)

School Church Partnership


Handout: 50 Ways to Engage Local Schools