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Debit Card - FSA

You are issued a debit-type card when you enroll in either Discovery Benefits Flexible Spending Accounts. You can use this debit-type card to pay for eligible expenses at the point of purchase. In many cases, this eliminates the need to pay for expenses out of your own pocket and then wait for reimbursement.

A word about “requests for substantiation” from Discovery Benefits

IRS regulations require documentation for electronic purchases made using the debit-type card.   

As the plan administrator, Discovery Benefits may send you a letter requesting substantiation of certain medical, dental or vision expenses.  If Discovery Benefits is unable to determine if the expense is a permitted expense under IRS regulations, you will be required to submit a receipt providing documentation necessary to substantiate the purchase was an allowable expense. 

It will be necessary for you to mail or fax a copy of the letter from Discovery Benefits along with the receipts requested.  Failure to comply with the request for substantiation will result in suspension of your FSA card until the requested receipts are received and approved by Discovery Benefits.

Be sure to keep all of your receipts for purchases made with your FSA debit card.