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DCOM Training

Thank you for being a member of the District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOM) and devoting your time and talents to guiding candidates through their ministry journey. Each time you meet with a candidate or read their paperwork, you are helping shape and develop each applicant. The goal of the DCOM is to help prepare candidates, whether serving as a Local Pastor or moving forward to Provisional Membership and onto Ordination.

The Office of Clergy Excellence commits to supporting the DCOM with easy access to training as the needs of the DCOM change. These brief training videos are designed for use by an individual DCOM Member or by the DCOM as whole.

What is the ideal purpose of the training for the DCOMs?

  • Consistency across all 8 DCOMs 

    • This style of training will increase the number of DCOM members trained

  • Improve the quality of the candidates going from DCOM to BOM (Board of Ordained Ministry) 

    • Quality will be due to the better understanding of DCOM responsibilities

  • With this, there will be a higher likelihood of the candidate going through the ordination process with success

Staff from the Office of Clergy Excellence are available for live or live-stream meetings for further training needs.

DCOM Training Materials may be found in the DCOM Basecamp Training Folders. 

Training Videos:

Training Materials: