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Daily Screening Protocols

Recommended Daily Screening Protocols 

  Daily screening protocol

  • Full symptom check for each missioner
  • Ask about general health
  • Ask if missioner has been in contact with anyone who had COVID-19
  • Wipe down all surfaces prior to welcoming teams.
  • Arrange for outdoor projects to assure minimal contact between homeowner and team members (painting, deck or ramp building, landscaping, roofing). Make accommodations for rest room facilities so team members do not have to enter the home. (i.e.: port-a-potties)
  • Indoor projects should only be undertaken with extreme caution.  Adhere closely to indoor gathering limits and ventilate the space using outside air.  Gloves and masks should be always used when indoors on a project site.  KN-95 masks are preferred.
  • Have a plan in place to safely transport a team member who develops symptoms of COVID-19.
  •  Provide space for isolation if someone reports symptoms.
  • The team member exhibiting symptoms should contact his/her health care provider as soon as possible.