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Cybercrime & COVID-19

These are trying times for all of us, dealing with changes in how we work & live.  However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the constant threat of cybercrime.  Please be extra diligent during these times with respect to opening attachments and clicking on links in emails about COVID-19.  ONLY do so if the email is from a trusted source (ex. .gov or … which means that you need to pay attention to who the email is from… not just the name (which can be spoofed) but the actual sending URL.   If you don’t know the source, DELETE the email

Some simple rules to follow…

  1. Never click a link or attachment in an email unless you know what it is AND who it is from

  2. Only get your news from trusted sources such as .gov websites

  3. Don’t open ANYTHING from social media

  4. Don’t download a mobile app for COVID-19

  5. When in doubt, don’t click the link.  If it’s legit, the sender will contact you again


Here is a flyer to help you spot red flags in emails.  Please review & keep close.