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Creation Care Task Team Welcomes You!

We are on mission together in all justice issues that harm our brothers’, sisters’, and neighbors’ air, water, food, health, and well-being. Climate Change, plastic pollution and the Creation crisis is happening now.  Climate change has raised average global temperatures, acidified our oceans, harmed ecosystems, increased the rate of species extinction, contributed to extreme weather events which are more severe and frequent, and created climate change refugees. According to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we have 12 years to make the massive changes to drastically reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 45 percent below 2010 levels. We the church were commanded to cultivate the garden God made good and we are to be responsible for the way we extract and use energy in our churches, homes and daily lives.

The Creation Care Task Team works to provide leadership resources to local churches and ministries.  We were awarded a Global Ministries Earthkeepers grant in order to provide local churches with an e-book resource ‘7 Ways to Green your Church’ in order to launch new Creation Care teams within our local churches. Along with this resource, the task team is creating its ‘Why Creation Care Matters’ webinar conference that will be available to all local churches. A Vacation Bible School curriculum has been successfully launched at Saint Paul’s UMC in Tallahassee under the direction of Rev. Kandace Brooks and available upon request. Visit Global Ministries for more resources.

Our Plastic and Foam Free Florida UMC Annual Conference resolution was approved in 2019 which birthed ‘Why Creation Care Matters’ Webinar Conferences’ and Global Ministries e-book grant award. Other initiatives moving forward revolve around Solar Sanctuaries, a solar package for all churches, and Climate and Creation crisis issues.  

As we move forward, we look forward to the ‘Why Creation Care Matters’ Webinar Conferences, the Global Ministries, grant funded, e-book, continued work on our Plastic and Foam Free initiative and the launch of  more local church creation care teams!. 

Any question, contact the team leader Cara Fleischer at 

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