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Counseling Grant

Counseling Grant Guidelines

With deep appreciation and thanks to The Preacher’s Relief Board, a grant in the amount of $20,000 for The Conference year 2022-2023, has been made available for clergy under appointment in the Florida Annual Conference.

CONFIDENTIALITY: This is a highly confidential application process with only those who are needed to process the request being aware of the names of applicants. This would include the Assistant to the Director of Clergy Excellence and the Accounts Payable Specialist. No record will be made in the personnel/supervisory file and no report will be made to the District Superintendent. This is the same confidential process as was followed with the distribution of the $1,000 pandemic grants in 2020-2021.

ELIGIBILITY: Elders, Deacons, Associate Members and Licensed Local Pastors currently under appointment in the Florida Annual Conference.

 Not eligible:  These funds are not intended to cover the cost of counseling for any DCOM or BOM Growth Assignments as these require reports be made to DCOM and BOM and so would violate the confidentiality required by this grant.

APPLICATION FORM AND DISBURSEMENT OF THE GRANT: An application form must be completed to request the funds that may either be paid directly to an approved provider or can be requested as a reimbursement to the clergy person. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

APPROVED PROVIDERS: The provider must be either a:

·         Licensed Mental Health Counselor

·         Licensed Clinical Social Worker

·         Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

·         Registered Interns under the supervision of a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

NOTE: Florida does not issue a License for a Pastoral Counselor who is not also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Social Worker, or Marriage and Family Therapist.

GRANT AMOUNT:  Maximum of $600 per applicant which allows for 33 persons to take advantage of the grant until the $20,000 grant is exhausted. This should allow up to 33 clergy persons to have up to 6 sessions each at an average cost of $100 per session. It is strongly recommended that the clergy person make at least a $25 per session contribution to the cost of their counseling.

TELE-HEALTH OR IN-PERSON: Counseling may be obtained through in-person or Tele-health services.

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM EAP: The Florida Annual Conference provides an Employee Assistant Program (EAP) for all clergy under appointment.  If you do not already have a counselor, this option may be a good place for you to begin before requesting the $600 grant. Check out the conference website for additional information:

HEALTH INSURANCE:  Your Health Insurance provider may provide coverage for a certain number of counseling sessions. Check this out with your Health Insurance provider. Remember, that there may be a co-pay to consider, and if you have a high-deductible plan, this may not be financially viable for you. Also consider that many counselors do not accept health insurance coverage.

 FINDING A PROVIDER:  There is a list of providers located on our conference website

You could also check with the EAP (see above) or with the American Association of Christian Counselors at for an additional list of providers.