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2. Coordinate: Use an established program, national or regional, to address a felt need of the school. Every school has felt needs. While in the COOPERATE category there is already a program in place, in the COORDINATE category there might not be any program addressing the identified need. These needs tend to be similar in many schools: parent engagement, teacher retention, student turnover, among others. For this reason there are often existing resources or programs that you can plug into. Many of them are national programs addressing those needs.

They will provide a framework, curriculum, and support to run the program addressing a felt need. Examples of these programs are: All Pro Dad, Watch D.O.G.S., Big Brother, Big Sisters, Feeding America – Backpack Program, A Gift for Teaching, Junior Achievement. You will be helping the school in an area of need but with the backing of a national or regional organization.

  • You are in charge of the program with the support of an established organization.
  • You are responsible for the cost of the program unless otherwise agreed with the school.
  • You still need to comply with background checks according to school policies.
  • Most of the schools are happy to welcome these programs because they address a need with a tried and proven program.