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3. Construct: Network with others in order to address the needs of the school community. Each community is unique and so are the schools serving those communities. In CONSTRUCT we explore unique solutions that are tailored for the community that you are serving. This most likely will include networking with other organizations in your community. Networking with others allows you to provide holistic solutions for the children in the communities that you are serving. This category requires a greater level of trust from the school community and the organizations that you are working with. This is often gained only over time with consistent engagement with the problems and realities of a given school community. This could include creating a system that allows other churches and faiths and organizations to get involved either in your neighborhood or throughout the school district, wrap around services and opportunities for the entire family, or coordination of existing programs.

  • Multiple groups are responsible for the program in coordination with the school. Even if you are coordinating the efforts, there will be multiple voices working together.
  • Often these services requires funding from multiple sources, including the church.
  • The effects of an effort like this can go well beyond the boundaries of a school and help to change the course of a whole community.
  • Examples of this could include 360 United (, Conn Memorial Foundation (