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That there shall be formed a forum for prayerful discernment and reasoned conversation, to be known as The Conference Table. This forum has no authority to direct any conference agency nor shall it issue legislative directives. Rather, The Conference Table shall be a forum of focus for consideration of strategic matters that concern the collective life of laity and clergy within the Florida Conference, and shall propose actions to Annual Conference. . . complete resolution

Date, Location and Topic of all Conference Tables

Most Recent Conference Tables are at the top.
18. Dec. 1, 2007, at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, Ocala. Topic: Beyond 50: Living It Well!
17. Jan. 27, 2007, at First United Methodist Church, Spring Hill. Topic: Shaping a Common Social Witness:
16. Nov. 28, 2006, at St. James United Methodist Church, Tampa. Topic: Excellence for Ministry:
A Focus on the Agenda for the Center for Clergy Excellence
15. Sept. 23, 2006, at First United Methodist Church, Lakeland. Topic: Christian Conferencing.
14. April 1, 2006, at First UMC, Sebring. Topic: The Culture of Laity.

Feb 25, 2006, at University Carillon UMC, Topic: Reaching the Collegiate Community.

12. Feb. 1, 2006, at Hyde Park UMC, Tampa. Topic: Church Confrontation, Conflict and Crisis.
Dec. 5, 2005, at Lakeland - UM Conference Center and First UMC. Topic: To consider the possibilities of a NEW Conference Center building.
Feb. 26, 2005, at University Carillon UMC, Orlando. Topic: New system of clustering churches in the nine new districts.
March 13, 2004 at First UMC, Orlando. Topic: Proposed structural changes in camps and conference centers.
Jan. 30, 2004 at Saint John's UMC, Winter Haven. Topic: Conference Structure and Finance.

Jan. 14, 2004 at First UMC, St. Petersburg. Topic: Global mission.

Nov. 12, 2003 at St. Mark's UMC, Ocala. Topic: Using cooperative parishes among conference churches.
5. Sept. 12, 2003 at Lake Gibson UMC, Lakeland. Topic: Transforming the clergy culture.
Feb. 15, 2003 at First UMC, Sarasota. Topic: Congregational Transformation and Conference.
3. Dec. 7, 2002 at Azalea Park UMC, Orlando. Topic: vision and mission statement.

Oct. 3, 2002 at The Grapevine UMC, Port St. Lucie. Topic: Continue vision and mission discussion.

Aug. 28-29, 2002 at LEC, Leesburg. Topic: Primary topic is the vision and mission of the Florida Conference.

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