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Conference Board of Ordained Ministry (BOM)

The Conference Board of Ordained Ministry is composed of clergy (elders, deacons, associate members, local pastors) and laity from across the Florida Conference.  The Board serves as the final recommending body in the conference as a person applies for licensing or ordination.  Nearly sixty people serve on this board, giving much of their time and energy to the process of credentialing people for ministry within the Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church. In addition, there is a district committee on ordained ministry in each district that is responsible for certifying candidates, recertifying candidates, recommending the licensing of Local Pastors, the annual relicensing of local pastors, and recommending candidates for provisional deacon, provisional elder, associate member and transfers to the Board of Ministry. 

The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry has a handbook for members of boards of ordained ministry.  Each member of the Florida Conference Board of Ordained Ministry may obtain a copy at

The Officers of the Board 

Chairperson: Rev. Magrey deVega    E-mail                 

Vice-Chairperson: Rev.Arlinda Burks    E-mail        

Chair of Conference Relations: Stephanie  Pizarro E-mail                            

Secretary: Carrie McCannell-Scruggs    E-mail

Registrar/Direction of OCE: Rev. Sara McKinley   E-mail                                            

Cabinet Liaison: Rev. Dr. Debbie Allen   E-mail

Cabinet Liaison: Rev. Durwood Foshee  E-mail

Chair of the Order of Deacons:  Rev. Justin LaRosa   E-mail                            

Chair of the Order of Elders: Rev. Vidalis Lopez   E-mail      

Chair of the Fellowship of Associate Members and Local Pastors: Rev. Will Clark   E-mail               


  • August 22, 2023 - Training, Virtual 
  • January 28-February 2, 2024 - Provisional Member, Full Connection and Provisional Continuance Interviews 
  • August 27, 2024 - Training, Virtual

For the BOOM Handbook for 2012-2016 Click Here.

BOM Responsibilities and Functions