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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Are there any Conference guidelines regarding a church's web design or content?
A: The Conference offers communication and web/tech tips that you might find useful. We also host information online about navigating copyright concerns and photo/media releases.

Q: Does the conference offer any server space for my church website or do we just find our own?

A: A web hosting option is not offered by the Florida Conference. We also don’t specifically recommend a specific host. There are many options available for web hosting, and the quality of those options changes over time.

Q: Does our local church simply stick with a personal email address for website administrators, pastor, etc?
A: Currently the Conference does not require the use of an email associated with your church’s domain. This would be limiting to churches that don’t have a website. For questions regarding clergy email, please contact

Q: We are also interested in establishing an official Facebook page. Is that permitted?

A: Absolutely! Your church can start its own Facebook page. Please contact our web admin whenever you create a social media account so that we can follow your updates.


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