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Clergy Covenant Group Retreats

Clergy Covenant Groups are encouraged to consider a group retreat for deeper experiences of community. The retreats are led by Spiritual Directors who are committed to the vision of Shade and Fresh Water.  Through various spiritual formation experiences, the participants will  deepen the covenant relationship. Group experiences are provided in four units, with the fifth unit of time set aside for the group to plan and implement their covenant vision and intention for the group. For newly forming covenant groups, the Spiritual Directors provide guidance in the structure and intention of covenant groups. This provision is offered during the year in concert with the spiritual directors' availability.  

Retreat Registration

Locations: retreat centers in Florida, as determined by the faculty
Mission: To offer retreats for the purpose of strengthening existing covenant groups in the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, or to offer assistance to those desiring assistance in developing a covenant group.
Purpose: To deepen clergy spiritual friendships within an optimum covenant group experience.
  1. What is a covenant group?
  2. Why have a covenant group?
  3. Experiencing a short-term covenant group
  4. Having an opportunity for one session of spiritual direction as desired