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Clergy Care Testimonies

Clergy Care Testimonies

I wrote a Blog and wanted to share my experience.
Also, I would like to thank the care team for this. This has made such a huge difference in my health. Thank you so much for this. 

Heather Harding


I hope these smiles can help convey the depth of my gratitude for the clergy care grant!

With the grant, we were able to enjoy one last “hoo-rah” of being able to work remotely from anywhere and spend a few days at Satellite Beach. It’s some much needed family fun time after a crazy first year of ministry. And it’s our first family getaway that isn’t to visit family - between seminary and visiting out-of-state family, we haven’t found the time to get away together like this. This is also the first time we’ve been back to Brevard county - which is where we were married - since we got married!

My soul just gave a huge sigh of relief when we unpacked and headed straight to the beach. It’s some much needed space to breathe, reflect and laugh together as a family. ?? 
Nicki Taylor
Taking our pop-up out for its maiden voyage. My wife and I used the clergy care grant to buy and rebuild this pop up from the ground up. Working with our hands was a great way to work out stress over the past 10 months and we are looking forward to many camping trips with our girls!
Danny Bennett






It has been eight months since we got our bikes courtesy of the Clergy Care Team and they have truly been a blessing. Thank you so very much.
Alan Jackson
Incredibly thankful for my new home gym equipment the clergy care funds allowed me to purchase! The safe place it offers me to workout consistently and easily has done wonders for my health already.
I hope you all of my wonderful clergy siblings are taking advantage and finding some joy and rest this Saturday.
Jess Williams
I do not have the words to express my joy. Without the Clergy Care Initiative this realized dream would never have happened in the near or far future. An elliptical machine of my dreams right in my own house! And it comes with accountability partners too. So timely. Now there is no excuse. 2021 -- A healthy me here I come!
Pamela Green