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Clergy Care Team

Your Clergy Care Team is a confidential access point through which you can seek the help you need. Feel free to contact Rev. Morgan Whitaker Smith or anyone on our team to talk about your personal situation and avenues that you may want to pursue.

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Frank Adams
Rev. Frank Adams E-mail
Provisional Elder, B.S. in business administration, M.Div., 30 years’ experience in leadership, management, training and diversity and cultural inclusion in The Walt Disney Corporation
Debbie Allen
Rev. Debbie Allen E-mail
Elder, Large Church Leadership, RIM Leader/BOM member, M.Div.
Mark Becker
Rev. Ed New |  E-mail
Elder, President of The Florida United Methodist Foundation, M.Div., MBA
Clare Chance
Rev. Clare Chance |  E-mail
Elder, Chair of Conference Board of Pension and Health Benefits and Chair of Preacher’s Relief Board, M.Div., MBA
Debbie Daley Salinger
Rev. Dr. Debbie Daley Salinger |  E-mail
Elder, M.A. in pastoral counseling, M.Div., D. Min.
Ivan Gonzalez
Rev. Iván Gonzalez |  E-mail
Extension Minister, Provisional Elder, Licensed mental health counselor working in substance abuse, couples therapy and with young adults, B.A. in psychology, M.A. in counseling, and M.Div., fluent in Spanish
Cathy Hart
Rev. Cathy Hart |  E-mail
Deacon, M.A. and licensed in marriage and family therapy (LMFT)
Christy Holden
Rev. Christy Holden |  E-mail
Elder, Extension Minister Gulf Coast Wesley Foundation, RIM Team member, M.Div.
Andrew Kim
Rev. Andrew Kim |  E-mail
Elder, fluent in Korean, M.Div.
Georges Racine
Rev. Georges Racine   E-mail
Local Pastor, fluent in English and Haitian Creole
Zulma Soba
Rev. Zulma Soba |  E-mail
Local Pastor, M.A. in Christian Ministries, Forest Hills UMC, Tampa, Church-Planting Certified Mentor, Christian Education Chair, Asamblea Hispana IMU, Florida, Gulf Central District Hispanic Operational Team Coordinator, fluent in English and Spanish
Bob Bushong
Rev. Dr. Bob Bushong |  E-mail
Cabinet Liaison, District Superintendent, East Central District, M.Div., D.Min.
Sara McKinley
Rev. Sara McKinley |  E-mail
Cabinet Liaison, Director of the Office of Clergy Excellence, B.A. in psychology, MBA, M.Div.
Alex Shanks
Rev. Alex Shanks |  E-mail
Cabinet Liaison, Assistant to the Bishop, M.Div.

Morgan Whitaker Smith
Rev. Morgan Whitaker Smith, LMHC  |  E-mail
Clergy Care Chair, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and an elder in the UMC who recently transferred from the Great Plains Conference