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At our Clergy Session in June and in response to two viruses that are very much with us – COVID 19 and racism – Bishop Carter and his Cabinet promised us new avenues for holistic care for clergy. Today that vision is starting to become a reality. There will be many options provided in the months to come so that you can be empowered to care for yourself and your family in healthy ways.
The group who is organizing these resources is your Clergy Care Team, created through a partnership between the Office of Clergy Excellence, the Preacher’s Relief Board and the Florida Conference Cabinet, and led by Rev. Sidney Tompkins. Click here to view the Clergy Care team members.
We are building an array of tools to help you grow and thrive in spite of the additional pressures and stresses of these difficult times. The tools we are working to gather will help you address all kinds of spiritual, emotional, physical, relational and financial needs on a holistic basis. In the months to come, you will have access to webinars, internet videos, reading materials and more, empowering you to be and do as well as possible as you minister and lead through both the pandemic and the social justice changes that God is calling us toward. Your Clergy Care Team is a confidential access point through which you can seek the help you need. Feel free to contact Rev. Sidney Tompkins or anyone on our team to talk about your personal situation and avenues that you may want to pursue.
The first phase of this program is anchored by the Preacher’s Relief Board. Through their funding, each active full- or part-time clergyperson and family can seek funding to pay up to $1,000 (maximum per family, July 2020 – June 2021; In the case of a clergy couple, both spouses are eligible for the $1,000 grant.) for the kind of service you feel would be most helpful to you. Perhaps counseling would serve you well, or maybe you’d like to seek spiritual guidance from a professional. Maybe you need a paid financial advisor or coach to help you reduce your debts. Perhaps you need a particular kind of regular exercise, and a gym membership or physical fitness program would really help. You choose the avenue that would be most helpful to you and your family, and the Preacher’s Relief Board will provide up to $1,000 to help. 
There is an application for this funding; click here to complete it.
This request is confidential and will not be part of your employment file. So, don’t be reluctant to seek whatever services or help that could improve your quality of life and make dealing with today’s stresses easier for you.  
You are not alone. You have resources to help you not just survive hard times, but even to grow and thrive. We care about you as a pastor AND as a person. 
Serving the Lord with you,
Your Florida Conference Clergy Care Team
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