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Holiday Seasonal Chaplain - Tampa

Holiday Seasonal Chaplain - Tampa

The role of the Holiday Seasonal Chaplain is to support Metropolitan Ministries clients, staff, and volunteers during the holiday season (November and December). This position is competent to perform pastoral care functions as needed to support the spiritual and emotional health and wellbeing of those served. This position will help the Spiritual Formation department maintain a web of support for clients, staff, and volunteers during holiday assistance distribution, particularly in the Holiday Tent. The Holiday Seasonal Chaplain will be expected to perform any of the following responsibilities.


Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Collaborate with Director of Spiritual Formation to assess and address spiritual care needs within the Holiday Tent.
  2. Provide prayer support for clients in Holiday Tent using trauma-informed spiritual care model. Support the spiritual wellbeing of the staff and volunteers through ministry of presence, pastoral conversations, prayer, and encouraging self-care. 
  3. Coordinate with Director of Spiritual Formation to support and guide individual volunteer Prayer Partners serving with Spiritual Formation in the Holiday Tent. 
  4. Receive training in Sanctuary model of trauma-informed care as pertains to job function.
  5. Receive training on phone and computer systems used in administrative functions, and participate in online meetings.
  6. Maintain safe environment by complying with all procedures, rules, and regulations. This includes current safety protocol for masks, distancing, hand-washing, and any other safety procedures. 
  7. Support the team in other tasks as assigned. Meet personal goals and actively contribute to the achievement of team and organizational targets/goals as stated in Key Performance Indicators and in the annual plan. Support the Holiday Center Operation and other events as directed.  

Contact: Amy Greene

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