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Director of Youth Ministries

Director of Youth Ministries

The primary responsibilities of the Director of Youth Ministries is to lead the youth of Englewood United Methodist Church to grow in their understanding of God and the Christian faith, grow the youth ministry program deeper and wider, engaging more youth and increasing its impact in the community.  This is a full-time position, a minimum of forty(40) hours per week.  The position reports to the Director of Family Ministries and will relate fully to the rest of the staff and church leadership.  

General duties:  The Director's duties include implementation and coordination of a comprehensive and sustainable Youth Ministry program that follows the church safe sanctuary policy and provides youth (and families with children) opportunities to Gather, Grow and Go.  The Director will attend all staff meetings, retreats and other leadership gatherings as requested.  The Director shall be proactive in follow-up with students and families in pastoral care issues and be on the front lines of the community, involved in schools and other areas where students and their families are.  The Director shall spend 5-10 hours/week involved directly with students at the high schools, middle schools, college or extracurricular activities.  Specific job responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
1.  Development of Youth Council and scheduled meetings.  2. Monthly meeting with Youth volunteers to vision together, make suggestions, and get input.  3. Detailed schedule for parents in September and January. 4. Parent meetings at beginning of each semester. 5. Attend all staff meetings weekly.  6. Attend renewal retreat yearly with youth volunteers. 7. Leadership development conference yearly with volunteers. 8. Create an event for youth and elementary students to do together, just the kids and volunteers, no parents. 9. Weekly Bible study on Wednesdays. 10. Attend youth events of students (sports, music concerts, plays, etc.) 11. Oversee youth at tables during Contemporary Worship Service.12. Scheduled parent meetings in September and January. 13. Curriculum selection in June of  each year, implemented at beginning of corresponding school year. 14. Use month of August as planning time, renewal retreat for yourself and volunteers. 15. Develop Youth Sunday in Spring. 16. Reach out to missing youth monthly. 17. Assist Senior/Associate Pastor with Confirmation class when necessary. 18. Send monthly calendars of events to parents. 19. Weekly meeting with Director of Family Ministry 20. Plan for fall and spring youth retreats. 21. Mission trip planned by December, start promoting and sign ups in January. 22. Outreach program for students once a quarter. 23. Bi-monthly team building activities for students (off campus). 24. Weekly faith growing group meetings. 25. Recruit new volunteers for a specific time frame (usually four week rotations) 26. Have some tech experience to implement new up to date media formats to visually engage students.


Contact: Beth Harrison, Business Administrator

Location: Englewood United Methodist Church

Address: 700 E. Dearborn St. Englewood FL 34223

Phone: 941-474-5588

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