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Church Accompanist

Church Accompanist


  1. Education/training in piano and organ.
  2. Proficiency in playing piano/organ/keyboard within church music ministry.
  1.  Play for all worship services of the church each Sunday as well as special Lenten services (Ash Wednesday and Good Friday), special Christmas services (Christmas Eve) and other special services planned by the Worship Committee.
  2.  Plan music (prelude, offertory and postlude) which is to be performed on the organ and/or piano for all worship services and special programs of the church.
  3.  Learn and program the organ to produce the desired sounds necessary for proper accompaniment and performance.
  4.  Accompany the Worship Choir and other soloists/ensembles, in coordination with the church’s Music Director, at rehearsals and performances.
  5.  Available for discussion and planning with the Pastor and/or Music Director if needed.
  6.  Attire – The Accompanist shall follow the direction of the church’s Music Director.
  7.  Funerals and Weddings – The Accompanist shall play for funerals and weddings conducted at Faith United Methodist Church in consultation with the Senior Pastor per their availability.
  8.  Illnesses and emergencies – Responsible for contacting the Music Director in a timely manner in the event of illness or emergency to ensure adequate time to make arrangements for a competent substitute. 
  9.  The Accompanist is encouraged to be an active member of the church’s Worship Committee.
  10.  The Accompanist is encouraged to involve himself/herself in some continuing   music education through membership in a professional music organization.

Contact: Kenneth Kennedy, Chairman, SPRC

Location: Faith United Methodist Church

Address: 12128 STATE ROAD 52 Hudson 34669-3058

Phone: 7278565000

Email: Click to email