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Organist and Music Associate for Traditional Music

Organist and Music Associate for Traditional Music

The Organist and Music Associate for Traditional Music will be an important member of the worship ministry at Hyde Park United Methodist. As a member of the team, he/she will support the equipping of volunteer Traditional Choirs; equip and support vocalists and musicians; in cooperation with the Director of Traditional Music, lead the music program for children and youth; and assist in the creative planning process for our Traditional Worship Service.

This role helps fulfill the mission of the church by creating an invitational and communal worship experience, equipping persons for music ministry and spiritual growth, caring for its volunteer servants, and sending them out in service to the congregation and the community. The successful candidate will share in fulfilling the church’s mission of “Making God’s Love Real” in the lives of our worshiping congregations by transforming lives, creating Christian community, and healing the city and the world. They shall encourage the volunteers with whom they work to grow in the practices of the Discipleship Pathway.

The Organist and Accompanist equips persons of the congregation to provide music primarily for Traditional Worship services, and other worship experiences, as follows:
1. Play organ and/or piano for Chancel Choir rehearsals on Wednesday evenings
2. Play organ and/or piano for Sunday morning worship services and choral warm-ups, including occasional soloist rehearsals.
3. Play organ and/or piano for special liturgical celebrations, such as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve, and others.
4. Play organ and/or piano for special musical performances (three or four per year, possibly with orchestra or instrumental ensemble). These may include extra dress rehearsals.
5. Play organ and/or piano for occasional choir special practices or retreats, two or three a year.
6. In coordination with the Director of Traditional Music, provide leadership for the Youth and Children’s Choirs.
7. Play for funerals and weddings, which may include working with soloists or instrumentalists. When unavailable to play, assist the Director of Traditional Music in finding a substitute organist. Remuneration for weddings and funerals beyond
8. Ensure compliance with the licensing and copyright laws regarding the use of music during services and follow the guidelines set by licensing and copyright agencies.
9. Constantly strive to maintain and elevate quality/consistency in music presentations while allowing creativity and versatility in musical style and format.


 Education/Skills

1. Musical skills, aptitude, training and experience with traditional and classical styles of music.
2. Skills, aptitude, training and experience in music leadership, especially concentrating on organ.
3. A standard of excellence in keyboard performance
4. Skills, aptitude, and experience in equipping other musicians, recruiting volunteer musicians and singers, and supporting the mission of the church.
5. Skills, aptitude, and experience in leading children and youth in music.
6. Ability to use multiple digital platforms including Microsoft Office, and assorted digital communication software.

 Preferred experience/education

1. An undergraduate degree in church music or music education.
2. At least five years experience in playing organ for a mainline Protestant denomination.

 Personal Characteristics

1. A Christ-centered, Biblically-rooted, warm-hearted faith in Christ which expresses itself in loving, joyful, healthy relationships with others and personal freedom in sharing his/her personal experience of Christ.
2. A clear passion to draw uncommitted persons into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.
3. An excitement and commitment to the mission and vision of Hyde Park United Methodist Church, and to starting this new worship service.
4. A visionary person with the freedom to explore the most effective means by which our mission can be fulfilled.
5. A team-player who works well with other members of the church staff and who has proven effectiveness in working with volunteers.
6. Commitment to the spiritual heritage, doctrine, and Social Principles of the United Methodist Church.
7. Evidence of Christian character displayed by a life of prayer, spiritual discipline, tithing, and participation in the life of the church.
8. A sense of humor and ability not to take him/herself too seriously.
9. High energy level for the demands of a growing ministry. Current ensembles to be directed or coordinated in consultation with the Director of Traditional Music  Angel Choir for children in Pre-K 4 through Kindergarten  Celebration Choir for children in first through fifth grades  Celebration Chime Choir for children in 4th grade through high school  Youth Choir for children in 6th through 12th grade Current Ensembles to be accompanied  Chancel Choir Other ensembles  Chancel Bells

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