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Director of Music Ministries

Director of Music Ministries

Director of Music Ministries
First United Methodist Church
Panama City, Florida
The purpose of this position is to provide direction to the entire music program of the church. Essential to this is assisting the ministerial and worship teams in the development and implementation of worship services.  This position also includes working with other programs in the music ministry.
Primary Duties:

  1.  Ensure overall music needs of the church are met
  2. Coordinate with senior minister and church staff in planning and implementing music in all worship services and other programs
  3. Lead congregational singing for church worship services
  4. Direct and/or supervise all of the musicians and musical groups in the church
  5. Produce seasonal musical programs
  6. Ensure all musical instruments within the church are functional and operating
  7. Work with the worship team
  8. Recruit and train leaders and participants in the music ministry
  9. Provide support and care for participants in the music ministry
  10. Coordinate proper music for funerals / weddings, in conjunction with the ministerial staff
  11. Cultivate relationships with leaders in the music community (area band directors, music teachers, PC Symphony Orchestra, Gulf Coast State College, etc..)
  12. Develop a First United Methodist Church Concert Series to include our music ministry and guest artists
Skills Desired:
  1.  Working knowledge of Christian music and worship genres, with United Methodist or mainline Protestant traditions preferred
  2. Effectively recruit, train, motivate, develop and lead others
  3. Gather information on current trends within Christian music and worship
  4. Organize and manage the overall music ministry
  5. Maintain an organized music library
  6. Possess basic knowledge of various musical instruments and AV equipment
  7. Prepare budgets and use good stewardship of funds provided
  8. Proficient in vocal and keyboard performance
Education Desired:  Music Degree preferred
Continuing Education Desired:  Two hours annually in ministry related area
For those interested in applying, please send a resume, a personal bio, as well as links to video / audio of you leading worship to

Contact: Jeremy Pridgeon

Location: First United Methodist Church

Address: 903 E. 4th Street Panama City FL 32405