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Free 18 inch banquet chairs

Free 18 inch banquet chairs

Hyde Park United Methodist in Tampa has about 500 18-inch seat cushioned banquet chairs that we will not be using any longer. About 350 of them are in great shape and the other 150 or so could use some minor repairs to one of the cushions. The frames are all in very good shape. Pictures of the chairs are attached. These are the kind of chairs that can be stacked high and stored when not in use. They served us well for many years, but now that our Activities Center is also going to be a worship space, we would like to get some new, wider chairs. We would be happy to donate these to another United Methodist Church. Please contact Rich Allen at or Meagan Kempton at

Contact: Rich Allen

Location: Hyde Park United Methodist Church

Address: 500 W. Platt Street Tampa 33606

Phone: 813-253-5388