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Worship Leader - Part Time

Worship Leader - Part Time

Hillsborough United Methodist Church (HUMC) is praying for a person who is called to serve Christ in a collaborative leadership position with a pastor and church leadership team. This position will be charged with 1) making disciples through the ministry of music, beginning with prayerful service among the lay ministers of music and worship in the congregation; 2) planning a flexible schedule of music up to a year ahead of schedule in collaboration with musicians and the pastor; and 3) inviting the congregation and community into vibrant worship through a blend of traditional and contemporary music. The ideal candidate will have professional music experience as an educator and song leader. All applicants with a heart for worship, God-given gifts for music, experience and skills in leading church music programs will be at great advantage.
•Prayerfully make disciples of Jesus Christ through your conduct as a minister of music in the church and in the wider community
•Increase the knowledge and number of people seeking to grow in their faith through participation in the ministry of Hillsborough United Methodist Church
•Add to the order of worship through collaborating with the laity and pastoral staff, managing administrative responsibilities in Planning Center, including corresponding lyrics and music for the band and slide runner
•Communicate effectively with the pastor, musicians, sound technician, and person running ProPresenter to ensure everyone is setup to effectively worship God during rehearsal and corporate worship
•Manage all church music equipment and media property with care and professionalism, allocating and requesting additional material as needed
•Responsible for facilitating Sunday worship at HUMC weekly, finding replacement in consultation with the pastor when away
•Coordinate schedules for weekly worship planning and rehearsal with pastor, staff and volunteers.
•An abiding love for God and people that grows through the desire to sing and teach singing
•Experience in traditional church setting with contemporary and blended worship styles
•Eagerness to learn and grow as a theologian and liturgist through study and practice
•Ability to communicate effectively with professional and volunteer musicians
•Teachable spirit of discipleship in Christ with a desire to worship
•Heart for people of all ages, and prayers for unity among all
•Playing guitar or piano considered but not required

There are four weekly engagements including: 1) one evening during the week for rehearsal (day may be negotiated in collaboration with the current team); 2) Sunday mornings for rehearsal, currently scheduled from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., open to revision in conversation with the team; 3) corporate worship from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Sundays, and 4) a weekly meeting with the pastor for worship planning (flexible scheduling). The length of all three commitments, plus preparation, should not exceed an average of 10 to 20 hours per week. All of this time is considered worship, personally and professionally, as part of this position’s call to public Christian ministry. Additional commitments will include occasional special services such as funerals, weddings, Holy Week, Ash Wednesday, Christmas Eve, the Christmas Program, etc

Contact: Brenda Whitlock

Location: Hillsborough United Methodist Church

Address: 9008 Harney Road Tampa FL 33637