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Parish Nurse (Part-time)

Parish Nurse (Part-time)

Position Title: Parish Nurse (PN)/Faith Community Nurse (FCN) Hourly: Part-time, non-exempt (hourly) status, 20 hours/week

Benefits: None

Education: Associate's or Bachelor' s Degree in Nursing or Nursing Diploma from an accredited nursing education institution.
Knowledge: Orientation within the faith community. Require a minimal of two years minimal nursing practice.
Position Goals: Open the door for Christian health care within the faith community.  Provide holistic health care as it relates to all aspects of life. Provide consultation,  networking, theological reflection opportunities and continuing education to the faith community using whole person approach. Emphasis is to be placed on health promotion and wellness.
Position Requirements: Hold a current RN license in the state of Florida.
Immediate Supervisor: Senior Pastor
Supervisory Responsibilities: In collaboration with Pastor work to provide health ministry services which are unique to each congregation. Strive to attain the optimal level of  holistic health for persons within the faith community. Focus should be on prevention and health promotion through educational offerings, personal counseling and/or personal    example. Practice within the state nurse practice act and the scopes and standards of    practice. Work to create a partnership between health care institutions and members of the faith community to utilize the appropriate community recourses. Regularly submits program reports. Protects the faith community with confidentiality and maintains a high standard of ethics and conduct.
Evaluation: Evaluation after six month probation period from date of hire. Counseling and assistance by the Pastor and the Staff Parish Relations Committee as needed.

Contact: Donna Munsen

Address: 8831 W. Bradshaw Street Homosassa 34448

Phone: (352) 628-4083