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Director of Discipleship Ministries

Director of Discipleship Ministries

Position: Director of Discipleship Ministries

Status: Full-Time Exempt (non-clergy role)

Reports to: Executive Director


Position Summary:

The Director of Discipleship Ministries shall be responsible for facilitating the process of developing, organizing, training, empowering and supporting layperson teams in fulfilling the church’s mission of “Making God’s Love Real” and helping the congregation grow in their faith along the discipleship pathway.

The Director shall lead the development of processes whereby the people of Hyde Park United Methodist Church are encouraged and equipped to take the next step along the discipleship pathway including using their gifts and talents in service to each other, to the church, and to the community.

In addition to managing the Lay Leadership function of HPUMC, the Director will manage the Discipleship Staff (Children & Youth Ministries)

The director should have strong technical knowledge of online tools and software as well as the ability to thrive in a remote environment as needed.

The Director is well-versed in ways to make disciples in both conventional on campus programming as well as the emerging and rapidly changing digital culture.


Responsibilities and Tasks:

· Support, mentor, supervise and coach the Discipleship Staff (Children, Youth)

· Work with and equip discipleship and lay teams to focus on how we help people take their next steps of faith along the discipleship pathway, with current emphasis on how to achieve this in the new digital reality.

o Communicating the vision that each person is called by God to a life of continuing growth in discipleship that will lead each person to give him/herself in some form of ministry.

o Equipping members and regular attendees to discover their gifts, calling, interests, and availability for ministry, which may include spiritual gifts courses, assessment tools, etc.

o Coordinating new member class, equipping facilitators and overseeing the process of connecting new members into the life of the church and on their next steps of faith.

o Developing and maintaining a catalogue of serving opportunities within the church.

· Work with lay teams to create small group opportunities for adults.

o Identify, connect, develop and train persons called to be facilitators and coordinators in foundational classes and core curriculum.

o Organize and support persons who are called to lead small groups for accountable spiritual growth and mission, and aid in the selection of materials used in these groups.

o Recruit, support and train teachers, aiding them in the selection of materials for adult Sunday school classes, small groups, and seasonal classes.

o Develop and administer programs to provide the basic elements of Christian commitment for persons who are beginning their faith journey and to help them grow from visitor to active, involved, and growing disciples.

o Promote and support options for adult small group offerings.

· Identify and deploy leaders and volunteers to manage the Data Entry Team, First Time Guest Connectors Team and New Member Connectors Team, with special consideration given to connecting personally and effectively given the new digital reality.

o Maintaining the current onboarding process for guests, visitors and prospective members.

o Meeting with members and non-member participants individually to assist them in connecting their needs, gifts, interests, and availabilities to learning, growing, and serving opportunities which are available inside and outside the church.

· Coordinate and Lead the Committee on Lay Leadership in identifying and selecting elected leaders into ministry.

o Identify laypersons with leadership gifts and interests to serve in the broader leadership positions.

o Develop and maintain a computerized database tracking system which supports all of the above processes.

o Equip leaders for ministry (Annual leadership experiences).

o Guide the overall expectations for equipping and on boarding people into ministry serving areas and follow up with staff to maintain their ministry job descriptions.

Continuously identify new and additional ways to be effective in all areas of ministries both in person and online. Plan strategically for the future of these ministries through various phases. Manage the implementation of these strategies as needed.



1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience with some emphasis on religious study.

2. Strong passion and experience in shepherding people’s discipleship.

3. Training or experience in the equipping organizational model.

4. Ability to lead teams and sub-teams on a large organizational level.

5. Well balanced leadership and delegation skills.

6. Strong understanding of systems and database concepts.

7. Proficient in understanding and use of social media platforms.

8. Relevant experience in a large United Methodist church.


Personal Characteristics

1. A Christ-centered, biblically rooted, warm-hearted faith in Christ which expresses itself in a loving, joyful, healthy relationship with others and personal freedom in sharing his/her personal experience of Christ.

2. A clear passion to draw uncommitted persons into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

3. An excitement and commitment to the mission and vision of Hyde Park United Methodist Church.

4. A visionary person with the initiative to explore the most effective means by which the church’s mission can be fulfilled.

5. A team player who works well with other church staff members and who has proven effectiveness in working with volunteers.

6. Personal commitment to the spiritual heritage, doctrine, and Social Principles of the United Methodist Church.

7. Evidence of Christian character lived-out through spiritual disciplines and participation in the life of the church.

8. A sense of humor and ability not to take him/herself too seriously.

9. High energy level for the demands of a growing ministry.

Contact: Gwen Lindsey

Address: 500 W Platt St Tampa FL 33629

Phone: 813-253-5388