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POSITION DESCRIPTION: Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC) in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida is
seeking an experienced caretaker to address the appearance and functionality of the church’s buildings
and grounds in order to ensure that the congregation are in a healthy environment to learn and grow in
God’s love.
REQUIRED SKILLS: The applicant must be in good physical condition in order to perform his/her job duties
and must be capable of reading and writing. The applicant be able to follow instructions, have honesty and
integrity and be able to work independently to consistently produce results with little direct supervision.
RESPONSIBILITIES: The applicant will be responsible for routine building and grounds maintenance, and
special event set-up activities.
Building Maintenance activities include but aren’t limited to minor repairs, replacing light bulbs, bathroom
re-stocking, replacing ac filters, painting, caulking and clear roof drains, plunging backed up toilets, check for
leaks around eaves and minor plumbing repairs. Report any major repair issues to Trustees for follow-up.
Ground Maintenance activities include but aren’t limited to trimming bushes, watering plants, cleaning
sidewalks, remove trash, weeding and leaf blowing.
Cleaning activities include but aren’t limited to in-between cleaning such as sweeping, mopping and
vacuuming the bathrooms, hallways and sanctuary, floors, on the spot messes and picking up rubbish /
emptying trash during and after events.
Special Event activities include, but aren’t limited to moving furniture, tables and chairs, setting up
conference rooms for presentations and business meetings, start air conditioning/heating on time, making
sure all usable areas are and ready, assisting with decorations, helping volunteers and churchgoers who
aren’t familiar with the church’s layout and to maintain a visible presence to accommodate any
unforeseen needs.
Other General activities include being aware of the church calendar to prioritize work day activities, lock and
unlock doors at appropriate times, responding to maintenance calls from church staff, keeping inventory of
building supplies and submitting purchasing requests when supplies run low, keeping eyes open for
strangers on premises, turning a/c on and off and to be available and on-call for emergencies 24/7.
SPECIFIC SERVICES : Prior to Sunday services, walk through the entire church area to ensure that the
buildings are ready for the day’s activities. This includes making sure the air conditioning and heating are
started on time, the lights are turned on, all doors are unlocked, signs, flags and cones are put out, all
garbage has been picked up on the grounds, the courtyard has been blown clean, chapel and
classrooms have tables and chairs in the appropriate configuration. In the sanctuary, verify that flowers
are on the altar, hymnals and Bibles are neatly arranged in the pew racks. After services are completed
turn off all the systems, turn off all lights, get everything in from outside and lock and secure the
Minimum of 3 years of experience in closely related work.
10-15 hours/week. $18/hour

Contact: Diana Norred

Address: 467 1st Ave North St. Petersburg 33701

Phone: 7278223343