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Part-Time Church Administrator/Business Manager

Part-Time Church Administrator/Business Manager

Family of God United Methodist Church in Palmetto, FL is looking for a part-time Church Office Administrator/Business Manager. The current Administrator works two days per week for a total of 11 hours. We are looking for a team player who is an active follower of Jesus Christ.

As Administrator, they will provide business and operational support to church staff and leadership. They will coordinate church finances, property and office as well as maintain church personnel records. They will also be responsible (with the assistance of the Administrative Assistant) for completing reports required by the Florida Conference.  

As Business Manager/Bookkeeper, they will handle accounting activities including financial reporting, accounts payable/receivable, bank reconciliation, cash transactions, in-house payroll, check distribution, contributions and tax reporting. They will be responsible for ensuring accurate and timely processing and records maintenance. Experience with Power Church software is preferred, but experience with some online accounting software is a "must". 

Please send resumes to Mary Galvin at

Contact: Mary Galvin

Address: 5601 16th Ave E Palmetto FL 34221

Phone: 941-713-1720