Mercy Ministries Coordinator


General Requirements:
The Mercy Ministries Coordinator is:

  • At least 18 years of age and have an interest in serving those in need from our community.
  • Have a love of Christ, compassion for others and the willingness to serve as His example. 
  • A team player who possesses excellent leadership/management, communication, and organizational skills. 
  • Able to keep sensitive information confidential and have strong conflict resolution skills.
  • Reports to the Office Administrator/Trustee Chair/or Lay Leader as the immediate supervisor and the Pastor. 
  • Dress appropriately in required work attire and be ready to perform his/hers designated duties. 
  • Must pass a Background Screening and a drug test prior to being hired and be subject to random drug tests in the future.
The Mercy Ministry Coordinator shall oversee the day to day operations of the ministry and work in harmony with volunteers and other staff.
Job Responsibilities (shall include but not limited to):
  1. Shall be in the facility by 8:00 am. and shall remain until Daily Check List is completed.
  2. Open the doors to clients at 9:00 am.
  3. Immediately notify Supervisor/Office Administrator/Preschool Director of any threats, assaults, or behavior that needs police notification, and follow proper protocol for issuing trespasses.
  4. Organize menu/food for each day and ensure the proper supplies needed are on hand.
  5. Prepare a Schedule of Volunteers for each day with assignments for each volunteer.  (Examples:  kitchen/meal prep, sign in window, security monitor (people coming in and out), clothing/supplies distribution, greeter for new attendees.
  6. Meet with volunteers prior to opening at 9:00 am. to be sure there is a clear plan in place and that volunteers are aware of rules and procedures.
  7. Ensure that all previously designed rules are being followed by all, while being the best example of the ministries’ rules.
  8. Act with utmost professionalism as liaison between Ministry and Congregation and other outside resources such as Health Department, Place for Grace, Seeds of Hope, etc.
  9. Attend weekly Staff meetings, bi-monthly Council meetings and any other meetings where attendance is required.
  10. Clearly communicate with Office Administrator/Trustees/and or Lay Leader and Pastor any issues relating to planned absences.  Provide Plan of Action for the time of absences.
  11. Familiarize oneself with policies as outlined in the Mercy Ministries Handbook.
  12. Familiarize oneself with Emergency Response Plan.
  13. The Mercy Ministry Coordinator must at all times positively represent First United Methodist Church St. Cloud.

Contact: Wilma Reyes

Address: 1000 Ohio Ave Saint Cloud FL 34769

Phone: 407-892-3128



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