Director of Adult Discipleship


General Responsibility

The Director of Adult Discipleship serves as a part of our Discipleship Council, which ensures that the entire congregation at Heritage United Methodist, in Clearwater, Florida, across all age groups, is continually offered challenging, high-quality spiritual formation opportunities.  They also intentionally seek to connect new guests and new members to small group opportunities appropriate to their situation and life stage.


With a focus on Adult Discipleship, the Director trains, equips, and supports ongoing small group facilitators, short term class facilitators, and men’s and women’s ministry lay leaders as they create and execute short- and long-term groups, classes and events for spiritual growth (increasing in our love of God) and service (increasing in our love of our neighbor).  They equip and support lay leaders taking groups on trips to retreats or conferences, as well as those creating events hosted on our campus, for the purpose of Spiritual Formation.  Finally, they ensure that all of our work in the area of Adult Discipleship is congruent with our church’s mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.



  • Meet the staff member qualifications as outlined in the Personnel Policies and Program Manual of Heritage United Methodist Church at Countryside, Inc.

  • Knowledge of the Bible, including knowledge of translations and effective resources for study.

  • Have an understanding of the United Methodist Church and the theological distinctives of Wesleyan doctrine and tradition.

  • A college degree in Christian Education or a similar field, or a college degree with relevant experience.

  • Experience that demonstrates effectiveness in teaching adults.

  • Experience that demonstrates effectiveness in equipping ministry teams.

  • Skills in leadership and leadership development.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • A willingness and desire to work as part of a team.



  • Recruit, train, and equip small group facilitators so that they are comfortable including people at a wide variety of places in their faith journey, and capable of guiding them to form ongoing groups for support, encouragement, learning and service.

  • Advise members of the congregation and community on curriculum options available to them by staying current on new United Methodist resources as they are produced.

  • Advise members of the congregation and community on differences between curriculum options from the United Methodist Church and those from other denominations or sources.

  • Advise, equip and support lay leaders taking groups to conferences or retreats.

  • Advise, equip and support lay leaders who are designing and executing events on our campus that offer members and guests high-quality opportunities for spiritual formation.

  • Teaching and leading in both large and small group settings.

  • Preparation and management of the Adult Discipleship budget.

  • Create and regularly convene an Adult Discipleship Council with a lay leader chairperson and representative on our Administrative Council.

  • Serve as an advisor to the Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development at their meetings.

  • Coordinate with the Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development to provide regular leadership development training available to members and guests, with the primary purpose of developing a roster of leaders trained for ministry and ready to step into a leadership role as needed.

  • Offer adult classes and small groups opportunities to serve the church and community together.

  • Take responsibility for the quality of their relationships with members, guests, and lay and staff leaders.


Employment Conditions

The applicant must have theological agreement with Wesleyan doctrine and tradition; be active in the life of the church, attend worship services regularly and be growing in their walk with Christ.

The position of Director of Adult Ministry shall be responsible to the Senior Pastor, the Staff-Parish Relations Committee and ultimately, to the Administrative Council.  Immediate supervision shall come from the Senior Pastor who will conduct the annual evaluation of the employee.

It is understood that this is a full time position, but the Director of Adult Ministry work hours may occasionally be greater due to the fluctuating demands of some programs.    

The Director of Adult Ministry shall be encouraged to be involved in continuing education.  Requests for funding of desired courses/seminars/conferences should be made to their supervisor.

Contact: Dan Capozzelli

Address: 2680 Landmark Drive Clearwater FL 33761

Phone: 727-796-1329



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