Music Director/Director of Traditional Worship


Classification: Part-time
Responsible to: Pastor
Compensation & Hours: Contract. Compensation determined by education and experience.
Job Description: 
Murray Hill United Methodist Church is a congregation located in one of the most diverse parts of Jacksonville, Florida. Since 1927, it has engaged in the mission of “sharing Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” Music has been a key way to connect our worshiping congregation to their growing faith lives. Our morning worship service follows the traditional hymns and liturgies. We are looking for a director of traditional worship who will be able to lead our morning worship, including leading the choir and congregation in singing through voice and playing the piano and/or organ. Our current order of worship includes three congregational hymns and two anthems led by the choir.  
This position must be filled by someone with a deep and growing faith in Jesus Christ, showing the fruits of the Holy Spirit in their life. He or she must uphold the basic tenants of faith as well as the doctrines of the United Methodist Church. He or she must have a love of music and a desire to utilize this passion to connect others to their faith. As a leader of the choir, this person would also lead this group of people and support them in their talent, faith and lives. He or she must be able to play the piano and would ideally be able to play the organ as well. The director of traditional worship will remain accountable to the pastor and the staff parish relations committee (SPRC) in their job and responsibilities. Applicants must be able to pass a background screening. 
Duties and responsibilities: 

  1. Demonstrate a life of growing and active faith.
  2. Plan music for weekly traditional worship services and holy days (Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Christmas Eve, and others)
  3. Plan and arrange two Cantatas for Christmas and Easter to be performed during morning worship services as coordinated with the Pastor and Worship Committee.
  4. Direct Chancel Choir
  5. Coordinate tuning and maintenance for pipe organ and all pianos. Report concerns regarding music equipment to Pastor and Trustees.
  6. Coordinate worship plans with Pastor
  7. Attend and report at Worship Committee meetings (as scheduled)
  8. Give Office Manager information for weekly bulletins 
  9. Maintain music library
  10. Oversee budget for music library, music equipment, special music fund, organ fund, piano/organ maintenance & tuning.
  11. Hire guest musicians for special services (as appropriate)

Contact: Rev. Haley Eccles

Address: 4101 College Street Jacksonville FL 32205

Phone: 904.387.4406



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