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Charge Conference Forms

Please read all informational forms. They give instruction and clarification for your Charge Conference. Color-coding info

Your District-Specific Forms - pick a district

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Conference-Wide Forms

Informational 2. Removal of Members
Required 3. Membership Audit
Required 4. Appointed Clergy Compensation Form, Instructions, Housing & Accountable Reimbursement Resolutions
Informational 5. Committee on Nominations and Leadership Instructions
Required 5a. Committee on Nominations and Leadership
Informational 6. Local Church Officers Instructions
Required 7. District and Conference Nominations Form
Required 8. Annual Report of Finance Committee
Required 9. Annual Report of Board of Trustees
Might be required 10. Our Kids School Church Connection
Might be required 11. Fresh Expressions
Might be required 12. Recommendation or Renewal for Candidacy
Might be required 12a. SPRC Candidate Approval
Informational 12b. SPRC Candidate for Ministry Interview Process
Might be required 13. Annual Report of Deacon in Full Connection
Might be required 14. Report of Retired Pastor
Might be required 15. Report of Honorably Located Clergy
Might be required 16. Report of Clergy on Voluntary Leave of Absence
Might be required 17. Certified Lay Minister Annual Report
Might be required 17a. Certified Lay Servant Annual Report
Might be required 17b. Certified Lay Speaker Annual Report

  No Color = The form is informational and should be read as it provides instructions to complete your charge conference paperwork properly
  Red = a required form to be submitted with your Charge Conference File
  Green = a form that might be required