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Change Your Life

Program Benefits/Nitty Gritty Details

The program provides to the participant:

  • Furnished housing and necessary utilities including air conditioning, kitchen supplies and utensils, and internet service.

  • Joint grocery budget - Household expenses are shared among team members. Planning, shopping, cooking and meals will be shared together as much as possible. Grocery allowance is $150 per person on team.
  • Health insurance - if not otherwise covered.
  • Personal stipend $300 per month for personal spending.
  • Transportation allowance - Monthly bus pass/program car in some locations. If the participant brings their personal car, the equivalent will be given for gas.
  • Common retreats/books - Three retreats over the year with all the other interns. Costs and transportation will be coordinated. Any team reading material will be provided.
  • Loan deferment potential - depends upon education loan type.


The essential processes that change your life over the year:

Apply and Engage in the preparation process

From submitting your resume, to interviewing with the matched placement agencies, everything is designed to prepare you for a great year of life changing work, and world changing efforts.

Take responsibility in meaningful work at the placement site

Accomplish the assignment and work at the agreed upon placement averaging 38 hours per week. Find ways to excel and exceed expectations.

Take responsibility for relationships with roommmates, neighbors and community

Meet and befriend your roommates and neighbors. Make the effort to talk to each of your roommates every week. Participate in at least two meals per week with roommates.

Take responsibility for personal spiritual life and growth

Attend church services once a week and join a smaller group. Regularly engage in faithful practices that work for you. Participate fully in a church small group.

Take responsibility for personal community engagement

Listen to your neighbor's life stories. Help when appropriate. Be present with them. Encourage them always.


Commitment of Participant

  • Complete application, 3 references submitted to office for personnel file.
  • One year of service (September to August).
  • Participate in all program activities such as; evening meals, joint service projects, household chores, book readings, quarterly retreats, covenant writing, prayer. 
  • Serve assigned hours per week in matched service placement (Full-time 35-40 hrs per wk).
  • Do best to fulfill expectations at placement partner site. Meet with supervisor regularly. Be on time and ready for work. Learn from agency. Try new things and improve.
  • Commit to mutual transformation with coworkers, neighbors and clients.
  • Invite others to support through prayer, help and financial contributions.
  • Commit to personal faith formation and continual covenant rule of life.
  • Reflection upon activities through group discussion, journaling and/or blogging.
  • Responsible to maintain any other personal paperwork as necessary.


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