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Change the World

Change the world? How?

This will sound simple, but it really works.

  1. Commit to giving a year to meaning, life, purpose, help and the basics. Get away from your current situation and take the challenge. You will grow on the journey. You'll have everything you need. You'll have a roof, a bed, and wifi. You'll have drinking water, a shower and working bathroom. You'll have food and access to transportation. The basics are covered. You take on the rest, the challenge set before you to further God's work of loving people through the agency, ministry or church you're matched with.
  2. Get to know the others on the team. In the yearlong program, you'll live together with other young adults on the same quest. But you each have your own challenge. Look for ways to help.
  3. Listen to your staff as guides along the way. We are trained especially for this work. Sometimes you'll need help with professionalism. Sometimes you'll need a resource. Sometimes you'll need to stand and fight. Always, you still have to do your dishes and be present. We help (but not with your dishes).
  4. Help others and be helped by others. You will be matched to a full-time position that will require you to do things no one else has done. You'll talk to new people. You'll develop a process. You'll exceed their expectations. But often, you'll ask for help and you'll learn.
  5. Choose areas of change. In your house with your team, in your church with your neighbors, in your district teams, or at the Conference level with state-wide efforts, there are many areas to work on. Pick some and invest your time to making a different with others that are committed to the same goals. 
  6. Celebrate the wins. Whether it's a roommate's birthday or a goal met at work, you'll learn to celebrate. You'll thank God for the help. You'll point people to joy and hope. 


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