Conference Committee On Leadership

All Conference Committees (3-23-12)

Officers of the Conference
Conference Treasurer: Milton E. “Mickey” Wilson
Conference Secretary: Kenneth L. Minton (Requires suspension of Standing Rules for 3rd term)
Head Usher:  Rusty Belcher
Parliamentarian: Bob Grizzard
Life in the Connection
These Servant Leaders listed below were either;
1.      nominated by the Conference Committee on Leadership and are presented to the Annual Conference for election
2.      elected by a particular agency of the conference or district or
3.      designated by the bishop or other agent as defined by the Standing Rules. 
Italics indicate clergy. Numbers and initials after a name indicates the year that a person first joined the committee, the year that he/she is required to rotate off and the district. (For example(06/14/NC), the person came on the committee in 2006. By Standing Rules, he/she is ineligible to serve after 2014. He/she serves from the North Central District.) A number following the name of a committee officer indicates the year that person assumed that office.
Legislative Affairs
Chairperson: Anne Burkholder
Classes to be submitted for approval at Annual Conference
Key Leader Connection
Chairperson: Director of Connectional Ministries: Beth Fogle-Miller (10)
Vice Chair: Conference Lay Leader: Sharon Luther (10)
Committee Chairpersons: Camps/Retreats Ministry; Board of Ordained Ministry; Hispanic Ministries; Lay Leader; Haitian Ministries; New Church Development; Religion & Race; Pensions/Health Benefits; Trustees; Youth/Young Adults; Global Mission & Justice; Congregational Excellence; Ministry Protection; Board of Higher Education/Campus Ministry; Finance/Administration
Conference Lay Leader
Conference Staff: Director of Connectional Ministries; Director of Camps/Retreats Ministry; Director of New Church Development; Director of Human Resources; Director of Ministries with Young People; Director of Higher Education and Campus Ministry; Managing Director of Connectional Relations; Director of Global Missions; Treasurer; Controller; Director of Congregational Excellence; Director of Ministry Protection; Director of Justice and Outreach; Ass’t to Bishop; Bishop; Members at Large.
Strategic Leadership Team
Convener: Beth Fogle-Miller (10)
Arlinda Burks (10/18/SC); Bob Bushong (10/18/EC);  Beth Fogle-Miller(10/18/SC); Russ Graves (10/18/AC); Rinaldo Hernandez(10/18/SW); Elizabeth Knowles (10/18/GC); Dale Locke (10/18/AC); Charles Mallue(10/18/EC); Annette Pendergrass (10/18/NC); Jeff Stiggins (10/18/SC); Bishop Tim Whitaker (10/18/SC; Alice Williams (10/18/EC)
Standing Task Teams
“Beyond 50” Ministries
AC - David Broadbent, Johnnie Faye Lane; EC - (Mary) Ibbie Moultrie, (Candace) Candy Ogden; Martha Virginia Spivey, Sophia Pickett; GC - Marian Palmer; NE - Deloris & Earl Demps, Jim Lewis; NW - Katie Hewett, Jerry Smith; SE - Mary Mizell; SW - Nancy Metz
Methodists United in Prayer (Formerly Cuba/Florida Relationship)
Chair: Terry Denham (10)
Vice Chair: Bob Glasgow
Secretary: Renee Kincaid
District Representatives: Shirley Dunlop (AC); Marj Green (AC); Bob Glasgow, Aldo Martin (EC); Jack Beatty (GC); Sanford Mayo (NC); Pete Perez, George Reed (NE); Terry Denham (NW);  Blanca Hermida, Roberto Pinera (SE); Larry Rankin, Renee Kincaid (SC); Dan Christopherson (SW)
Conference Staff: Icel Rodriguez, Director of Global Mission
East Angola/Florida Partnership
Chair: Armando Rodriguez (11)
Don Zeiser (NE); Patsy Rabb (NE); Sandy Goodman (SE); Vaughan Harshman (GC); Barrie Wilkie (SC), Nelson Cowan (NE), Joey Rodil (NE); John Brown (SW); Melba Whitaker (SC)
Conference Staff: Icel Rodriguez, Director of Global Mission
Haiti/Florida Covenant
Chair: Dionne Hammond (11)
Vice Chair: Tamara Isidore
Jim Morgan (SE); Charlie Guyton (NW); Eugene Stervil (SE); Fawn Mikel (SE); Hollie Tapley (NE); Charlene Pierre (AC); Jeannie Jacques (SE); Tamara Isidore (GC); Montreuil Milord (SE)
Conference Staff: Icel Rodriguez, Director of Global Mission
Spiritual Formation
Chair: Jim Cook (12)
Ann Abbott (NC); Joan Bryant (NE); Martha Clark (SC); Shields Clark (SC); Jim Cook (NC); Joyce Estes (NW); Deborah Galtere (AC); Glenn A Galtere(AC); Frances Jennings (NE); Jennette Lewis Hoffer (SW); Christine Hoffman (GC); Stephen Hoffman (GC);  Kathy Houser (NE); Trudy Corry Rankin (SC); Barbara Riddle (EC); Sharon Weaver (GC); Lia Icaza-Willetts (SW); Patricia Williams (AC); Lucy Wray (GC); Anna Wright (NE)
Conference Staff – Sherri Lingle, Program Coordinator
United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM)
Chair: Hollie Tapley (11)
Linda Bianco (NW); Beth Bostrom (SE); Brian Carr (EC); Michelle Colan (SW); Kelsey Linduff (NE); Derrick Scott (NE); Jim Watson (NC)
Conference Staff: Icel Rodriguez, Director of Global Mission; Pam Garrison, Staff Liaison (Domestic/Disaster); Greg Harford, Staff Liaison (Training/Disaster)
Women’s Retreat Design Team
Chairperson: Marlene Poelhler (12)
Class of 2013: Judie Dreyer (10/13/SE); Marlene Poelhler (10/13/GC); Dian Speer (10/13/SE)
Class of 2014: Virginia Drake (11/14/AC); Mae Scott (11/14/SC); Patricia Wilkie (11/14/EC); Barbara Wolf (11/14/AC)
Class of 2015:
Ex officio: Mary Best (AC); Deborah Davis (NW); Lisa McNamee (GC); Katherine Reinecke (09/12/SC)
Conference Staff: Sherri Lingle, Program Coordinator, Connectional Ministries
Focused Task Teams
Creation Care
Chairperson: Mark Johnson (10)
Andy Bell (10/18/GC); Fred Ball (12/20/SW); Rae Bourquein (10/18/SC); Bob Brown (12/20/EC); Tammy Fisher (12/20/EC); Tom Levine (12/20/SC); Jim McFarlane (12/20/GC); Martha Pierce (10/18/SW); Mark Johnson (10/18/EC); Chuck Morgan (10/18/NW); Chris McNeill (10/18/SE)
Conference Staff: Director of Justice and Outreach
Prison/Jail Ministry
Bill Bailey (12/20/GC); BJ Coryer (11/19/SC); Robert Crowley (10/18/EC); Steve Hart (11/19/NE); Cheryl Jackson (12/20); Merry Kendall (10/18/EC); Cindy Lane (12/20); Ian Lennox (11/19/GC); George Potter (10/18/NW); Jean Russo (11/19/GC); Mary Starkey (11/19/NC); Jim Tofflemire (11/19/NE); Bill Upchurch (11/19/SE); Mary Ann Walsh (11/19/NW); Bob Willis (12/20/AC); Bud Yoakum (12/20/EC)
Conference Staff: Director of Justice and Outreach; Tammy Fisher, Events Coordinator Justice and Outreach Ministries
Children’s Coalition
Sharon Austin (10/18/SC); Samuel Awoniyi (11/19/NE); Pam Cahoon (10/18/AC); Dan Campbell (10/18/GC); Lynette Fields (10/18/EC); Debbie Glisson (11/19/SC); Alma Manney (10/18/EC); Florence Parra (11/19/SC); Martha Pierce (10/18/SW); Rosemary Uebel (10/18/GC); Anne Winn (12/20/AC); Anna J Woods (10/18/EC)
Conference Staff: Director of Justice and Outreach
Conference Ministry Groups
Committee on Haitian Ministry
Chair: Timothe Jacques (09)
Vice Chair: Thomas Toussaint (09)
Secretary: Monique St. Louis (09)
Haitian District Representatives: Jocelyn B Adhemar (AC); Jude Jean Baptist (SW); Jean Jacques-Pierre Gilles (NC); Tamara Isidore (GC); Eliantus Valmyr (EC)
Non-Haitian District Representatives from districts with Haitian Ministries: Marilyn Beecher (EC); Nancy Gray (SC); Ed Ritter (SW)
Ex officio Members: District Superintendents in Districts with Haitian Congregations
By Virtue of Position: Immigration Law Consultant: Janet Horman (SE)
Hispanic Ministry Team
Chair: Gustavo Betancourt (11)
At-Large Members: Gustavo Betancourt (11/19/SE); Orlando Garay (11/19/SW); Laura Artiles (11/19/SE); Luz Maldonado (11/19/SW); Nancy Mayeux (11/19/GC); Beth Fogle-Miller, Director of Connectional Ministries;Cesar Villafaña, Chair of the Hispanic Assembly; Juan Feliciano, Director of Hispanic New Church Development and Hispanic Congregational Excellence
Outreach Ministries
Chair: Pamela Qualls (12)
Vice Chair: Pamela Cahoon
Secretary: Brent Hursey-McLaughlin
Community Outreach Agency, Jacksonville (NE): Jim Young
Cornerstone Family Ministries, Inc. (SC): Cathy Capo Stone
Christians Reaching Out to Society, Palm Beach County (AC): Pamela Cahoon
Grace Place, Inc., Naples (SW): Stephanie Campbell
Halifax Urban Ministries, Inc., Daytona Beach (EC): Troy Ray
Justice for Our Neighbors, Central Florida: Walter S. Dry, Sr., Marilyn Beecher (EC)
Church & Community Connection, Orlando (EC)
South Florida Urban Ministries, Miami (SE): Brent Hursey-McLaughlin
UM Cooperative Ministries of Madison County (NW): Deborah Brown
UM Cooperative Ministries/Suncoast, Inc. (GC): Pamela Qualls
Conference Staff, Director of Justice and Outreach: Rick Bennett
Shade and Fresh Water
Co-Chairs: Anne Butcher (SC) and Daryl Allen (NC)
Secretary: Lew Arnold (GC)
Treasurer: Mark Whittaker (GC)
Spiritual Director: Lucy Wray (GC)
Lew Arnold (GC); Jim Cook (NC); MarthaGay Duncan (SC); Dionne Hammond (AC); Joyce Johnson (SW); Sheryl Marks-Williams (SE); Dr. Trudy Rankin (SC); Lynwood Walter (NC)
Spiritual Directors:
Jim Cook (NC); Dr. Trudy Rankin (SC); Lynwood Walter (NC); Lucy Wray (GC)
Advisory Board:
Clark Campbell-Evans; Wayne Curry; June Edwards; Jeannie Harper; Sue Haupert-Johnson; Jane Holzkamp (NE); Frances Jennings; Sharon Luther; Geraldine McClellan; David McEntire; Bill Owens; Philip Roughton; Vicki Walker
Disaster Ministry Advisory Team
Conference Coordinator: Marvin Hammontree
Patti Auperlee (AC); Denise Merrill (AC);Joe Moxley (AC); Jeff Campbell (EC);Marvin Hammontree(SC); Cesar Villafana (SE);Ron Luke (GC); Jim Mitts(NE);  Carol McRae (NW); John Sink (NW); Thom Street (SW) – Ham Radio liaison;
Conference Staff: Pam Garrison, Disaster Recovery Ministry; Greg Harford, Disaster Recovery Ministry;Mark Thomas, Director of Ministry Protection
Conference Mission/Ministry Priorities
Committee on New Church Development
Chairperson: David Moenning (10)
Vice Chairperson: Marcus Zillman (12)
Secretary/Treasurer: Charles Englehardt (12)
Members: District Committees on New Church Development Chairpersons/Representatives
Class of 2013:Chuck Englehart (05/13/GC); Joanem Floreal (05/13/SE);
Class of 2014: David Moenning (10/18/NE); Melissa Pisco (12/14/NE); Thomas Sandlin (06/14/NE)
Class of 2015: Ben Stilwell-Hernandez (11/19/EC); David Fernandez (11/19/EC); Moe Vilceus (11/19/SC)
Class of 2016: Tony Rosenberger (12/20/NC)
At Large Executive Committee: David Elyea
Ex officio: President; Florida United Methodist Foundation, Inc.; Executive Director of New Church Development, Mont Duncan;Associate Director of New Church Development, Kim Griffith; Director of Black New Church Development, Harold Lewis, Sr.; Director of Hispanic New Church Development, Juan Feliciano
Committee on Congregational Excellence 
Chairperson: Liza Hazlett (12)
Vice Chairperson: Tom Nelson (12)
District Chairpersons: Shirley Groom (12/20/AC); Barbie Boyd (12/20/EC); Susan Schrier Clouse (08/16/GC); Bob Wanall (12/20/NC); David Spaulding (08/16/NE); TBA (12/20/NW); Pam Rhodes (11/19/SC); Mark Caldwell (08/16/SE); Doug Paretti (12/20/SW)
Members At Large: Bill Bailey (12/20/GC);  Sergio Casaine (12/20/AC); Debbie Casanzio (12/20/SC); Dottie Graves (10/18/AC); Russ Graves (12/20/AC); Steve Potter (12/20/GC); Ken Roughton (12/20/AC); Jamie Westlake (12/20/SC); Tim Smiley (12/20/NE)
Ex officio: Executive Director of Congregational Excellence, Jeff Stiggins; Director ofTraining, Phil Maynard; Director of Black Congregations, Harold D. Lewis, Sr.; Director of Hispanic Congregations, Juan Feliciano
Global Mission and Justice Committee
Chair: Mike Kennedy (12)
Global Missions
Terry Denham, Chair of MUIP; Armando Rodriguez, Chair of East Angola Partnership; Dionne Hammond, Chair of Haiti/Florida Covnant;  Hollie Tapley, Conference UMVIM Chair; Ruth Jean-Pierre, UMW Mission Representative; Larry Rankin, Missionary Support/Advance Specials
Conference Staff: Icel Rodriguez, Director of Global Missions
Justice and Outreach
Alma Manney, Peace with Justice Coordinator; Children’s Coalition; Mark Johnson, Environmental Stewardship Coordinator; Tammy Fisher, Prison Ministries Coordinator; Pam Qualls, Outreach Ministries; Kenya Monroe, UMW Social Action
Conference Staff, Rick Bennett, Director of Justice and Outreach Ministries
At Large:
Class of 2013: Brett Opalinski (05/13/NE)
Class of 2014: Andy Bell (10/18/GC); Margaret Kartwe-Bradley (06/14/SE);Linda Gerdella (10/18/NE);Chris McNeil (06/14/SE); Mike Plett (10/18/SC)
Class of 2015: Bryan Williams (07/15/NW)
Class of 2016: Mike Kennedy (12/20/GC)
Ex officio: Jad Denmark, Conference Member of GBSC
Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry
Chairperson: Lyndol Loyd (12)
Vice Chairperson: Mike Crawford
Secretary: Josh Bell 
Finance: Dick Scheaffer
Assessment: Betty Gissendanner
Scholarship: Nathan Adams              
Campus Ministry Representative: Vance Rains
Bethune Cookman Representative: Walter Monroe
Class of 2013: Melissa Delker Stump (09/17/AC); Alan Johnson (12/13/NC); Haylee Linduff (12/13/NE); Lyndol Loyd (09/17/EC); Jim McCrea (11/19/NE); Michael Mullens (05/13/EC)
Class of 2014: Nathan Adams (10/18/NW); Paul Aupperlee (12/14/AC); Glen Bosley-Mitchell (10/18/GC); Will Finnin (10/18/NW); Charissa Jaeger-Sanders (06/14/NC); Gary Webb (10/18/AC)
Class of 2015: Josh Bell (07/15/NC); Cory Britt (07/15/NE); Betty Gissendanner (07/15/SW); Mark Reynolds (11/19/SC); MeLynne Rust (12/15/EC); Janet Youngs (12/15/NE)
Class of 2016: Patti Aupperlee (08/16/AC); Drew Dancy (12/20/EC); Bob Douglass (11/19/SC); Mike Fordham (08/16/NC); Willie Miller, Jr. (12/20/AC); Richard (Dick) Scheaffer (08/16/NC)
Student Representatives:
Ex officio: FSC Church Relations Director: Michael Crawford; Cabinet Liaison – Tim Smiley; Director of Connectional Ministries; Exec. Director of Higher Education and Campus Ministries; Conference Trustees – Jim Manuel; General Board of Higher Education and Ministry: Teresita Matos
Board of Camps and Retreat Ministries
Chairperson: David McEntire (12)
Vice Chairperson: Dana Smith
Secretary: Katharine Zimmerman
Class of 2013: Vivian Kitchen (09/17/SC); Tina Shepherd (05/13/EC); Dana Smith (05/13/EC); Katharine Zimmerman (05/13/EC)
Class of 2014:Scott Folsom (10/18/AC); Hunter Short (11/18/NC); Jack Tilk (12/14/EC)
Class of 2015: Marguerite Matthews (07/15/NE); Steve Schneeberger (12/15/EC); Adam Zele (12/15/GC); Waite Willis (07/15/SC)
Class of 2016: Wayne Curry (08/16/NW); David Kruz (12/20/SE); David McEntire (12/20/SC); Paul Nessler (08/16/GC)
Ex officio: Director of Connectional Ministries; Conference Treasurer; Conference Trustees Representative; Camps and Retreats Ministries Executive Director
Cabinet Liaison: Gary Spencer (AC)
Disciplinary Ministry Priorities
Commission on Archives and History
Chairperson: Kay Holley (11)
Vice Chairperson: Tom McClary
Secretary: Larry Loveday
Archivist: Nell Thrift
District Representatives: AC: Linda Mobley (10/18/AC); Ivan Corbin (05/13/AC); EC: Anita Campbell (11/19/EC); GC: Kay Holley (07/15/GC); NW: Elaine McCreary (11/19/NW); SC: Morita Hadlock (11/19/SC); SE: Larry Winebrenner (10/18/SE); SW: Leah Pittard (09/17/SW)
At-Large: David Broadbent (10/18/AC); Tom McClary (06/14/SE); Opal Winebrenner (10/18/SE)
Ex officio: Nell Thrift; Kenneth Minton; Larry Loveday
Commission on Religion and Race
Chairperson: Geraldine McClellan (08) (Requires Suspension of Standing Rules)
District Directors: Dale Haynes (05/13/AC); Ray Jackson (05/13/AC); Scott Farman (EC); Eliantus Valmyr (09/17/EC); Lenny Schultz (08/16/NC); Michelle Blume (08/16/SC); Reginia Johnson (09/17/SE);
Class of 2014: Will Clark (10/14/NC)
Class of 2015: Oswald Sands (11/15/SE); Erin Austin-Holliday (11/15/NW)
Class of 2016: Verona Matthews (12/20/AC); Geraldine McClellan (08/16/NC); Maggie McDuffie (12/20/NE); Mary Mitchell (12/20/NC); Becky O’Neal (08/16/GC); Kathy Shranko (08/16/AC); Dawn Worden (12/20/GC)
Members At Large: General Board representative, Bob Bushong
Commission on the Status and Role of Women
Secretary: Dollie Strong
District Representatives: Roberta Lau (05/13/GC);
Members At Large: LaRonda Barnes (12/20/NE); Lynn Campbell (06/14/EC); Dollie Crist (09/17/AC); Tammy Denmark (10/18/NW); Gwen Dixon (11/19/NW); Barbara Green (09/17/NE); Kyle Henderson (11/19/AC); Anna Hernandez (11/19/SC); LeeAnn Inman (09/17/EC); Robin Masden (12/20/SC); Karin Nordlander (12/20/AC); Ginny Roebuck (09/17/SC); Sabrina Tu (10/18/SC)
United Methodist Women Representative: Marie Sharpe (NC)
Cabinet Representative: Director of Connectional Ministries
Committee on Native American Ministry
Chair:   Dock Green Silverhawk
Vice Chair: 
Secretary: Dian Barreras
Treasurer: Vickie Swartz
Class of 2014: Leonard Brown (06/14/SC); Dock Green Silverhawk (06/14/SC); Dennis Roebuck (06/14/SC); Jeff Swartz (06/14/GC); Vickie Swartz (06/14/GC); Dale Taylor (10/18/NW); Greg Vaughn (06/14/SC);Sandra Paul (07/15/SC)
Class of 2015: Irma Appleton (07/15/SC); Dian Barreras (07/15/SC)
Class of 2016: Grady Bailey (09/16/SC); Cindy Suter (12/29/GC); Thom Barlow (12/20/SC); Ed Taylor (12/20/NC); Marsha Taylor (12/20/NC)
Network on Youth/Young Adult Ministries
President: Isaac Newton (13)
Vice-President of YSF: Jamie Boate (11)
Vice President of Communication:
Youth: Isaac Newton (09/12/NC); Jamie Boate (09/13/NC); Erin Swider (10/14/SC); Katherine Stoudt (10/13/SC); Callie Brown (12/14/NE); Sophie Hallam (11/13/NE); Blake Coulter (11/13/SC); Brooke Coulter (11/13/SC): Sam Owen (11/13/SC); Kaley Cheshire (12/14/SC); Cordell Carnecchia (12/14/NC); Emily Hugan (12/14/SW); Amy Sizemore (12/14/SW); Neketa Nesmith (12/14/SW); Billy Canfield (12/14/SW); Dillon Voell (12/14/SW) 
Adult Worker Table: Maresi Minton (10/17/NC); Steve Schneeberger (10/17EC); Kelly Minter (10/17/NE)
Young Adult Table: Derrick Scott (10/18/NE)
Advocates for Small Church Ministries
Chairperson: Dennis Roebuck (11)
Secretary: Mary Ashcraft (07)
Class of 2014: Marjorie Johnson (10/18/SE); Dennis Rock (07/15/SW); Joy Sedgley (12/20/NW)
Class of 2015: Georgia Gaston (/7/15/NE); Erwin Lopez (11/19/SC); Gerald Partney (11/19/GC); Dennis Roebuck (7/15/SC); Anna Thomas (07/15/NC)
Class of 2016:Mary Ashcraft (7/15/GC); Jeanine Spangenberg Clontz (08/16/EC)
Conference Staff: Executive Director of Congregational Excellence, Jeff Stiggins; Sherri Lingle, Program Coordinator, Connectional Ministries
Board of Lay Ministry 
Conference Lay Leader:
Associate Lay Leader: Russ Graves (09)
Vice Chairperson:
Secretary: Bill Clark (10)
Treasurer: Chet Klinger (12)
Chairperson of the Lay Leadership Nominations Committee: Rod Groom (12)
District Lay Leaders: Rod Groom (12/16/AC); Alice Williams (12/16/EC); Suzy Baad (12/16/GC); Lenny Schultz (09/13/NC); Bob Holzkamp (11/15/NE); Jim Crosby (10/14/NW); Dan Rosier (12/16/NW): John Reever (10/14/SC); Michael Sullivan (12/16/SE); Benny Aguilar (12/16/SW)
Associate Lay Leaders: Idella Gaston (10/14/NC); Rose Muller (12/16/NE) and Richard Fortier (12/16/NE); Mike Mullins (09/13/SC); Clausette Emmanuel (10/14/SE); Oscar Negron (09/13/SE); Oswald Sands (12/16/SE); Nancy Metz (12/16/SW) and Wade Sperry (12/16/SW)
Lay Members Representing the Annual Conference: Carl Bergeson
Lay Man: Bobby VanDuyne (12/16/GC)
Lay Woman: Rachel Sumner (12/16/AC)
Young Adult Representative: Bobby VanDuyne
Young Adult Representative: Kelly Jarvis (11/15/EC)
Youth Representative: Elizabeth Gray (10/14/NC)
Youth Representative: Tyler Hadden 11/15/NW)
Older Adult Representative: Rodney Akers
Cabinet Liaison: Tim Smiley
By Virtue of Position: Director of Lay Servant Ministries: Lynn Campbell; Director of Lay Renewal: Richard Barnes; Hispanic Assembly Representative: Orlando Garay; President, United Methodist Men: Gene Winland; President, United Methodist Women: Nelida Morales; Chair, Conference Youth Council: Jacob Moore; Scouting Coordinator: D. R. Walker; Conference Staff: Sherri Lingle, Program Coordinator, Connectional Ministries
Ex officio: Florida Area Resident Bishop: Tim Whitaker; Director of Connectional Ministries: Beth Fogle-Miller  
Past Conference Lay Leaders: Sharon Luther (SW); Bill Walker (EC); Terrell Sessums (SC); Mary Alice Massey (NE); Leland McKeown (GC); Jody Moxley (AC); Frank Furman (SE) 
Lay Renewal
Conference Director: Richard Barnes (08/16/AC)
Lay Servant Ministries
Conference Director: Lynn Campbell (12)
District Coordinators: Rod Groom (05/13/AC); Lynn Campbell (08/16/EC); Sue Eidschun (08/16/GC), Doug Wright, Assoc. Director (05/13/GC); Carol Mack-Harrell (05/13/NC); Patrice Peterson (12/20/NE); Esta Mae Bedenbaugh (05/13/NW) & Joyce Estes (07/15/NW), Co-Directors; Gail Kantz (11/19/SC), Director, Jacki Haack (12/20/SE); Terry and Doris Hixson (09/17/SW)
United Methodist Men                                 
President: Gene Winland (11)
First Vice President: Terry Ketrow (11)
Second Vice President: John Rogers (11)
Secretary: Bill Fritchman (11)
Treasurer: Charlie Perry (11)
Cabinet Liaison: Antonio Fernandez
Directors: John Dowell, Russ Tabbert, Rodney Akers, Don Heishman, Joel Fears, Darryl Coppenhaver, Bob Alderman and David Smith. Ex-Officio Members: Sharon Luther, Conference Lay Leader, D.R. Walker, Conference Scouting Coordinator and Leland McKeown, Honorary Director
 District UMM Presidents: Joe Moxley (AC), Bruce Rutherford (EC), Lou Amandola (GC), Stan Monroe (NW), Ken Blackman (SC), and Continued Vacancies in NC, SE & SW
 Chairman of Standing Committees: John Rogers (Nominating Committee), Charlie Perry (Finance & Personnel), Gene Winland (Leesburg Retreats), John Dowell (Ministries and Missions), John Rogers (By-Laws), Terry Ketrow (Scholarships), Bill Fritchman (Publicity) and Russ Tabbert (Charters & EMS).
United Methodist Women
President: Nelida Mora-Morales (10/SE)
Vice President: Marie A. Lennox (10/SW)
Secretary: Rosemary Uebel (12/GC)
Treasurer: Gail Wiltse (12/NE)
Mission Coordinators: Spiritual Growth- Elsie Olsen (12/20/SC); Education and Interpretation- Ruth Jean Pierre (12/20/SE); Social Action- Kenya Monroe (12/20/SC); Membership Nurture and Outreach- Denise Morrell (12/20/NE); Secretary of Program Resources-Ethel Ewing (12/20/SC); Communications Coordinator- Linda Parrish (10/18/AC); Haitian Coordinator:Magdala Edmond (12/20/SW); Korean Coordinator – Sookkyung Chae (12/20/SW); Spanish Coordinator:Maritza Lago (12/20/EC); Chair, Committee on Nominations: Mary Melvin (11/19/SC); Dean, School of Missions:Jackie Whitehouse (11/19/NC); SEJ Leadership Team: Annie Woods (09/17/AC); Director, Women’s Division: Judith Pierre-Okerson (11/19/SE)
Class of 2012: Earlene Gaylord (09/17/NC); Jocelyn Surino (09/17/NE)
Class of 2013: Mary Melvin (10/18/SC); Ellen Wolking (10/18/EC)
Class of 2014: Mae Griner (12/20/NC); Lori Ann Mayberry (12/20/SW)
Resdient Bishop: Timothy Whitaker
Cabinet Liaison: Sharon Luther
The Ministry of the Ordained
Conference Board of Ordained Ministry
Vice Chairperson:
Registrar: David Dodge
Chair of the Order of Elders: Robert Laidlaw
Chair of the Order of Deacons: Dale Tedder
Chair, Division of Deacons: 
Chair, Division of Elders: Walter Monroe
Chair, Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members:
District Representatives: John Gill (04/16/EC); David Miller (GC); Dale Tedder (04/16/NE); Robert Laidlaw (08/20/NW);Tim Carson (04/16/SC); Sara McKinley (04/16/SE);
Class of 2016: Mark Becker (05/16/NE); Magrey DeVega (04/16/SC); Rob Harding (04/16/SC); I. James Mitchell (04/16/GC); Walter Monroe (04/16/EC); Michael Moore (04/16/NE); Vicki Walker (05/16/SC)
Class of 2020: Dan Bell (08/20/SE); Anne Burkholder (09/20/); Mark Caldwell (11/20/SE); Joreatha Capers (08/20/SE); June Edwards (08/20/SC);Terri Hill (08/20/AC); Christine Holden (11/20/SW); Tracy Hunter (08/20/GC); Jim Lake (08/20/AC); Monique McBride (11/20/NC); Tom McCloskey (08/20/EC); Chris McNeill (08/20/SE);David Miller (08/20/GC);Brett Opalinski (08/20/NE); Jeremy Rebman (08/20/NW); Steven Riddle (08/20/NC): Sidney Tompkins (08/20/GC); Cynthia Lovett Weems (11/20/SE)
Class of 2024: David Allen (12/24/NC); Arlindall Burks (12/24/SC); Montreuil Milord (12/24/SE); Tapiwa Mucherera (12/24/EC); Sam Ramirez (12/24/SC); Melissa Cooper (12/24/NC); Richard Landon (12/24/GC); Armando Rodriguez (12/24/NW) ; Scott Smith (12/24/EC); Jay Therrell (12/24/SW)
Lay Members: Jill Barton (12/24/AC); Mark Capron(09/20/SC);Jim Cook (04/16/NC); Janet Earls (12/24/EC); Dave Elyea(09/20/EC);Bill Fackler (08/20/NE); Bill Gill (04/16/SC); Callie MacLeod (12/24/GC); Guy Minviel (09/20/SE); Patricia Thomas (04/16/NC)
Ex officio: Executive Director, Center for Clergy Excellence: David Dodge
Cabinet Liaison: Sharon Austin
Conference Board of Pension and Health Benefits
Chairperson: Wendy Crudele (11)
Vice Chairperson: Russ Barlow (11)   
Secretary: Catherine Thacker (10)
Treasurer: Mickey Wilson                                                                                                  
Clergy: Clare Chance (12/20/EC); John Griswold (06/14/AC); Alan Jefferson (11/19/NC); Sue Haupert-Johnson (12/20/NC); John Simon (08/16/SC); Cathy Thacker (08/16/SC); Matt Wallis (09/17/SC)
Laymen: Russell Barlow (07/15/GC); John Benton (11/19/NW); Scott Davidson (10/18/EC); Walter Dry (12/20/GC); George Hatch (12/20/SC); Arch Johnston (08/16/GC); Dick Mahaffey (08/16/NC)
Laywomen: Dianne Croley (06/14/NW); Wendy Crudele (08/16/EC); Lynn Hamilton (08/16/NW);Kyle Henderson (12/20/AC);Earline Millington (10/18/AC); Linda Moss (12/20/AC); Patrice Peterson (10/18/NE)
Executive Director, Center for Clergy Excellence
Ex officio: Conference Secretary; Conference Treasurer; Conference Human Resources
Cabinet Liaison: Rinaldo Hernandez
Committee on Clergy Effectiveness
Chairperson: Phil Roughton (09)
John Hill (08/16/AC); Kevin James (07/15/SC); Allen Johnson (07/15/NC); Ed Qualls (07/15/GC); Phil Roughton (07/15/SE)
Ex officio: Executive Director, Center for Clergy Excellence;Cabinet Liaison–Annette Pendergrass
Joint Committee on Incapacity
Chairperson: Wendy Crudele (11)
Cabinet Representative: TBD
Executive Director of Division of Ministry: David Dodge
Conference Board of Pension and Health Benefits: Charles Lever (06/14/AC); Wendy Crudele (11/19/EC)
Conference Board of Ordained Ministry: Jim Cook (04/16/NC); James Lake  (10/20/AC)
Commission on Equitable Compensation
Chairperson: Brian Carr (12)
Class of 2013: Jackie McMillan (12/13/GC); Harold Parten (12/20/AC); Ralph Young (12/13/NE)
Class of 2014: Janey McCluney (12/14/NC); Robert Wooten (12/14/EC);
Class of 2015: Dan Casselberry (07/15/NE); Sheryl Marks-Williams (07/15/SE);
Alyce Parmer (07/15/NW); David Carefoot (11/19/AC); Tom Ponton (11/19/SC)
Class of 2016: Brian Carr (12/20/EC); Joel Fears (08/16/EC); Juan Ramos (08/16/SC)
Cabinet Representative: Craig Nelson  
Executive Director, Center for Clergy Excellence; Conference Treasurer; Council on Finance and Administration Representative; Board of Ordained Ministry Representative
Committee on Institute of Preaching
Chairperson: Roy Terry (08) Requires suspension of Standing Rules
Vice Chairperson: Scott Smith (08)
Treasurer: Craig Hammond
Class of 2013: Craig Hammond (05/13/AC); Roy Terry (05/13/SW)
Class of 2016: Kevin James (09/16/SC); Lia Degrenia (11/16/NE); Pete Farrara (12/20/SC);  Matthew Hartsfield (12/20/SC); Betsy Ouellette (08/16/NW); Margaret Mathews (08/16/SC); Scott Smith (08/16/EC)
Conference Staff: David Dodge, Executive Director Center for Clergy Excellence
Ex officio: 
Emeritus: Gene Zimmerman
The Stewardship of the Conference
Board of Trustees of the Florida United Methodist Conference, Inc.
Vice President:
Secretary: Jim Luther
Class of 2013:Cary Hardee (09/17/NW);Viola Legge (09/17/SC);Paul Machtel (09/17/AC);Jim Manuel (5/13/EC); Oscar Negron (5/13/SE)
Class of 2014:
Class of 2015: Janette Campbell (07/15/AC); Yoniece Dixon (11/19/SC
Class of 2016: Ed Chappell (12/20/NE); John Legg (12/20/SC); Dick Sargeant (08/16/SC); Mozelle Thomas (12/20/NE)
Attorney: Randolph J. Rush
Cemeteries: Ed Dinkins
Ex officio: Florida Area Resident Bishop; Director of Connectional Ministries; Conference Treasurer; Director, Higher Education and Campus Ministry; Chair, Higher Education and Campus Ministry; Director, Board of Camps and Retreat Ministries; Chair, Board of Camps and Retreat Ministries
Council on Finance and Administration
President:  Nancy Trinchittella (09)
Vice President:  Jeffrey Smith (09)
Secretary: Terry Coon (09)
Class of 2013:   Bob Matthews (09/17/NE); Bob Grizzard (09/17/SC); Charles Blose (09/17/AC)
Class of 2014: Roy Bowen (10/18/NE); David Brazelton 06/14/NE); Terry Coons (06/14/AC); Harriett Mayes (12/18/SC); Durwood Howell (06/14/EC); Mark Johnson (06/14/NE); Arthur McClellan (06/14/SW); John Mark Peterson (06/14/AC); Jeffrey Smith (06/14/SC); Nancy Trinchitella (06/14/EC)
Class of 2015:  Donald Chapman (07/15/NC); Craig Hammond (5/11/AC); Debberin Tunsil (5/11/NW)
Class of 2016: Wayne Cook (08/16/NW); Bob Holzcamp (12/20/NE); Brian Lohmann (08/16/AC); Kim Uchimurra (12/20/SC)
Ex officio: Florida Area Resident Bishop; Conference Treasurer; Assistant to the Bishop; Director of Connectional Ministries; President, The United Methodist Foundation, Inc.; Jane Zody; Chairperson of Ministry Protection,
Cabinet Representative: Wayne Wiatt
Ministry Protection
Chairperson: Susie Horner (12)
Vice Chair: Mark Arnold (12)
Class of 2013: Gustavo Betancourt (05/13/SE); Robert Pratt (05/13/NC); Charles Walker (09/17/AC)
Class of 2014: Mark Arnold (11/19/GC); Sandra Horner (10/18/SC); Daphne Johnson (10/18/SC); Ryan Weaver (10/18/AC)
Class of 2016: Dennis Royer (12/20/NE);
Conference Treasurer; Director of Ministry Protection; Representative from CF&A; Conference Chancellor; Conference Trustees Representative; Cabinet Liaison
Committee on Conference Nominations and Leadership
Chairperson: Bishop Timothy W. Whitaker    
Assistant to the Bishop; District Superintendents; Director of Connectional Ministries; Conference Secretary; Conference Lay Leader; Conference President, United Methodist Men; Conference President, United Methodist Women; President; Council on Youth Ministries
District Representatives: Rod Groom (12/20/AC); Alice Williams (12/20/EC); Suzy Baad (12/20/GC);Lenny Schultz (09/17/NC); Bob Halzkamp (11/19/NE); Jim Crosby (12/20/NW); Dan Rosier (12/20/NW); John Reever (11/19/SC); Mike Sullivan (12/20/SE); Wade Sperry (12/20/SW)
Committee on Standing Rules
Chairperson: Clarke Campbell-Evans (12)
Vice Chairperson: Gary Bullock (05)
Class of 2013: Clare Chance (05/13/EC); Scott Farman (05/13/EC)
Class of 2014: Harriet Mayes (06/14/SC)
Class of 2015: Robert Perez (11/19/SE)
Class of 2016: Clarke Campbell-Evans (12/20/NW); Edward Kellum (12/20/SW); Glenn Bosley-Mitchell (12/20/GC); Jonathan Smith (12/20/NE)
Ex officio: Conference Secretary; Director of Connectional Ministries; Bishop’s Representative
Episcopal Oversight
Committee on Episcopacy
Chairperson: Bob Bushong (11)
Vice Chairperson:
Class of 2013: Lynn Monaco (05/13/NC)
Class of 2014: Melissa Pisco (10/18/NE)
Class of 2015:
Class of 2016: Bob Bushong (08/16/EC); Walter Dry (08/16/GC); Sally Matson (12/20/SE); John Newbold (08/16/NE)
Conference Lay Leader; Conference UMM President; Conference UMW President; Conference Youth President
At large:
Appointed by the Bishop: Marilyn Beecher (08/16/EC);Kevin James (07/15/SC);
Ex officio; SEJ: Sharon Luther (08/16/SW); Jorge Acevedo (04/12/SW)
CF&A Representative: Bob Grizzard (9/17/SC)
Board of Trustees Representative: Yoniece Dixon (12/20/SC)
Committee on Investigation
Chairperson: Sue Haupert-Johnson (12)
Vice Chairperson: Kent Crow (09)
Secretary: Geraldine McClellan           (08)
Clergy Full Members: Kent Crow (08/16/AC); Geraldine McClellan (08/16/NC);Sue Haupert-Johnson (12/20/NC); David Stauffer (12/20/SW)
Clergy Alternate Members: Ken Johnson (07/15/SE);Gary Garay (08/16/EC); David Williamson (12/20/EC)
Professing Full Members:John Anderson (09/17/SE); Barbara Green (09/17/NE);Sallie Shelton-Culver (09/17/EC)
Professing Alternate Members: Jim Knight (09/16/NC); Sharon Luther (12/20/SW); Oscar Negron (12/20/SE)
Committee on Investigation Structure if General Conference passes the legislation related to this restructuring of the committee.
Chairperson: Sue Haupert-Johnson (12)
Clergy Full Members: Kent Crow (08/16/AC); Geraldine McClellan (08/16/NC); Sue Harupert-Johnson (12/20/NC); David Stauffer (12/20/SW); David Williamson 12/20/EC); Gary Garay (08/16/EC); Michael Shockley (12/20/NW); Katie Pestel (12/20/GC); Mike Oliver (12/20/GC); Margaret Kartwe-Bradley (12/20/SE); Joanes Martin (12/20/AC); Chan Young Jang (12/20/SE); Melissa Pisco (12/20/NE); Bob Martin (12/20/GC); Jayne Rideout (12/20/NC); T. Blenn Bosley-Mitchell (12/20/SC); Ken Johnson (07/15/SE)
Lay Members:John Anderson (09/17/SE); Barbara Green (09/17/NE);Sallie Shelton-Culver (09/17/EC); Jim Knight (09/16/NC); Sharon Luther (12/20/SW); Oscar Negron (12/20/SE); Ellen Soash (12/20/GC); Tim Srodes (12/20/EC); Alice Williams (12/20/EC); Anja DeLoach (12/20/NW); Tim Srodes (12/20/EC); Paul Machtel (12/12/AC); Orlando Garay (12/20/SW); Aggie Reed (12/20/SE); Rachel Sumner (12/20/AC)
Administrative Review Committee
Chairperson: Wayne Curry (12)
Members: Wayne Curry (12/20/NW); Dionne Hammond (12/20/AC); Gary Uplegger (12/20/NC)
Alternates: Chuck Englehardt (12/20/GC); Daphne Johnson (12/20/SC)
Annual Conference Committees
Committee on Annual Conference Program
Presiding Bishop; members of the Cabinet; Conference Lay Leader; District Lay Leaders; Conference Secretary; Annual Conference Coordinator
Committee on Memoirs 
Co-Chairpersons: Archie Buie (07/15/SC); Carolyn Buie (07/15/SC)
Committee on Resolutions
Chairperson: Cynthia Weems (12)
Class of 2014: Sue Haupert-Johnson (06/14/NC); Carol Ann Sargeant (06/14/SC)
Class of 2015: Steve Hart (11/19/NE); Randy Strickland (11/19/EC)
Class of 2016: David Broadbent (08/16/AC); Cynthia Weems (12/20/EC)
Ex officio: Conference Secretary
Extended Connection Leaders
(Boards of Directors and Trustees of Related Institutions)
Justice For Our Neighbors
Chairperson: Walter L. Dry, Sr. (09)
Ron Beyer (10); Walter L. Dry, Sr. (09); Nancy Mayeux (09); Judith Pierre-Okerson (09); Eliantus Valmyr (09); Vicki Walker (09); Anthony Caruana (11), Blake Davidson (11), Nancy Futch (11), Lynn Mawhiney (11), Molly Warren (11), Dawn Worden (12), Yvonne Lorah (12)
Ex officio: Alice Mar; Rick Bennett, Panravee Vonjaroenat, Raphael Dessieu
Trustees, Florida United Methodist Children’s Home
President/CEO: Mike Galloway
Chairperson:  Evans Hubbard (04)
Vice Chairperson: Robert Bushong (04)
Secretary: Alyson Morgan (07)
Treasurer: Jerry Haralson (10)
Class of 2012: Kent Anderson (09); Bill Kelsey (10); Charles Lever (11); Thomas McLeod (09); Leenette McMillan-Fredriksson (11); St. Clair Moore (10); Heather Pancoast (10); Cindy Sisco (10); Terry Sisco (10); Linda Tice (10)
Class of 2013: James Bernard (07); Brian Brightly (11); Robert Bushong (04); Pamela Green (04); Evans Hubbard (04); Margaret Kartwe-Bradley (10); Alyson Morgan (07); Charles Perry (07); Diane Sullivan (07)
Class of 2014: Bill Bailey (05); David Baldridge (05); Dan Bell (10); Trish Bell (10); Bonnie Bullard (10); Joyce Cooper (10); Jerry Haralson (10); Beverly Hollis (10); Jeremy Rebman (05); Edwin Santos (11); Bo Sim (11)
Ex officio: Florida Area Resident Bishop; Timothy W. Whitaker; East CentralDistrict Superintendent: Wayne Wiatt; President/CEO, FUMCH: Mike Galloway
Wesley Group Home Ministries, Inc.
The Florida Annual Conferences shall annually elect 40% of Wesley Group Home Ministries, Inc. Board of Directors. However, in no event shall the Florida Annual Conference assume responsibility for finances or operation of Wesley Group Home Ministries, Inc. 1995 Journal, page 268.
President: Opal Winebrenner
Vice President: King Kuhney
Secretary: Lynn Batista
Treasurer: Cecelia Diaz
Class of 2012: Lynn Batista (SE); Cecelia Diaz (SE); King Kuhney (AC)
Class of 2013: Emilio Chaviano (SE); Opal Winebrenner (SE)
Class of 2014: Cecelia Diaz (SE); Jeff Kantz (SC); Joe Hart (SC); Jane Johns (SE)
District Superentindent: Craig Nelson
Preachers Relief Fund, Inc.
President: Michele Maier
Vice President: John Griswold
Russ Barlow; Diane Croley; Duncan Gray; John Griswold; Lynn Hamilton; Charles Lever; Michele Maier; Wendy McCoy; Earline Millington; John Simon; Barbara Williams Riddle; Mickey Wilson
Trustees, Florida Southern College
President: Anne B. Kerr
Chairperson: Robert L. Fryer, Jr.
Vice Chairperson: Richard T. Fulton
Secretary: M. Clayton Hollis, Jr.
Assistant Secretary: Marcene H. Christoverson
Treasurer: Hoyt R. Barnett
Assistant Treasurer: V. Terry Dennis
Recording Secretary: Joan M. Hillhouse
Trustees Emeriti: Charles W. Courtoy;  James L. Ferman; Lloyd G. Hendry; John E. Hunt; Bishop J. Lloyd Knox; E. Vane McClurg; J. Quinton Rumph; James W. Russell; Charles W. Sahlman; John P.Simon; George A. Snelling; Lorraine Spivey; Robert L. Ulrich
Chairman Emeritus of the Board: T. Terrell Sessums
Advisory Trustees: Nancy M. Cattarius; John V. D’Albora, Jr.; R. Fred Lewis
Serving Additional Term (2012-2015): Robert J. Adams (06); Ralph C. Allen (06); J. Stephen Buck (06); Marcene H. Christoverson (00); Ann B. Edwards (09); Richard T. Fulton (06); Donald Kerrick (00); Rev. W. David McEntire (09); Robert E. Puterbaugh (09); George W. Rogers (03); Arthur J. Rowbotham (06); Joe P. Ruthven (06); E.J. Salcines (09); Robert W. Scharar (09); Evett L. Simmons (03); Harold M. Smeltzly (03); Robert S. Trinkle (09); R. Howard Wiggs (06)
Serving Initial term (2012-2015): Edward L. Myrick
Ex officio Trustees: Alumni President: Edwin H. McMullen, Sr.; Bishop Timothy W. Whitaker; Conference Lay Leader: Sharon K. Luther
Trustees, Bethune-Cookman University
Chair: Dr. Lee Rhyant
First Vice Chair:
Second Vice Chair: Bishop Timothy Whitaker
Third Vice Chair: Dr. Irving Matthews
Secretary: Mrs. Dorothye Henderson
Finance Chair: Dr. J.F. Bryan, IV
Institutional Advancement Chair: Rev. John Harrington
Educational Policies Chair: Dr. William Hogan, II
Nominations and Governance Chair: Rev. Dr. Keving Jsames, Sr.
Student Life Chair: Johnny McCray, Esquire
At large: Dr. Nelson L. Adams, M.D.; Rev. Dr. William S. Barnes; Mr. Robert L. Billingslea; Mr. Byrd Bonner, Esquire; Mr. Arthur R. Brinson; Mr. Jacob F. Bryan, IV; Judge Prince Cartwright; Mr. Audley Coakley; Dr. Joyce Cusack;Ms. Lois Fry; Rev. Dr. Robert M. Gibbs; Dr. Larry R. Handfield, Esquire; Rev. John Wesley Harrington; Mrs. Dorothye Henderson; Dr. William E. Hogan, II; Rev. Dr. Kevin M. James, Sr.; Mr. Gordon “Eric” Knowles; Dr. Irving J. Matthews; Mr. Johnny L. McCray, Jr. Esquire; Mrs. Joyce Hanks Moorehead, Esquire; Mr. Ben Novello; Mrs. Joyce Odongo; Mr. Joe Petrock; Mrs. Alexis Pugh; Dr. Lee E. Rhyant; Mrs. Madeline Scales-Taylor; Dr. Linda F. Wells, Esquire; Bishop Timothy Whitaker; Mr. Etienna R. “ET” Winzer; Rev. Dr. Eugene Zimmerman
Ex officio Status: President, Trudie Kibbe Reed; AMs. Ebony Minter, SGA President; Mrs. Sharon Luther; Rev. Dr. Wayne D. Wiatt; Dr. Alice Wood
Emeritus Status: Mr. Burney Bivens, Esquire; Mr. Matthew L. Brown; Mrs. Lee Bryan; Mr. Robert C. Carter; Rev. Dr. Charles W. Courtoy; Dr. Nathaniel Davis; Bishop Robert E. Fannin; Rev. Dr. McCoy Gibbs; Mr. James R. Gregg; Mr. David R. Hochstetler; Dr. Wendell P. Holmes, Jr.; Bishop James Lloyd Knox; Dr. Michael P. Johnson; Mr. F. Michael Kyle; Dr. L. Gale Lemerand; Dr. J. Stanley Marshall; Dr. Mary Alice Massey; Dr. La-Doris McClaney; Dr. Margaret McPhillips; Ms Jacquline Mongal; Dr. Patrick David Roberts; Mrs. Kathleen C. Rydell; Mrs. Brenda Schofield; Rev. Hilton O. Smith; Mr. William Giles Talley, Jr.; Ms. Evelyn B. Walker
Florida Conference Historical Society
Chair: Ivan Corbin
Vice President: Daphne Johnson
Secretary: Larry Loveday
Archivist: Nell Thrift
Chairperson, Archives and History: Kay Holley
The following Leaders, nominated by District Committees on Leadership (Nominations) are elected at Annual Conference to serve in various capacities in both the conference and the district.
Leadership Council: (functions as Trustees, Finance, Superintendency, Visioning, and Leadership Development)
Chairperson: Jen Harner Sims
Vice Chair: Marcus Zillman
Secretary: Patti Moxley
District Leaders of Laity: Rod Groom
                        Class of 2013: Steve Dunlap; Charles Lever, Jen Harner Sims, Marcus Zillman, Russ Graves; Jeanie Tennant
Class of 2014: Jacquie Leveron, Juanita Bryant-Goode, Bill Messersmith, Sergio Casaine, Nancy Hart, Shirley Groom
Class of 2015: Dionne Hammond, John Guerre, Willie Miller, Jr., Jetro Jeune, Ann Davis, Charline Pierre
Congregational ExcellenceTeam
Chair: Shirley Groom
Vice Chair:
Leaders of Laity: Rod Groom
Class of 2013: Peter Gates, Russ Graves, Betty Kniss, Joe Moxley
Class of 2014: Charlie Blose, Shirley Groom, Melissa Stump, Dottie Graves
Class of 2015: Bill Corristan, Philip Short, Corky Calhoun; Sergio Casaine, Warren Bennett
New Church Development
Chairperson: Marcus Zillman
Class of 2013: John Welsh, Bruce Kitson
Class of 2014: Marcus Zillman; Ted Wood, Gary Webb,
Class of 2015: John Denmark, Steve Hart
Committee on Ordained Ministry
Chairperson: Rainer Richter
Vice Chair: John Hill
Secretary/Registrar: Emily McGee
Class of 2013: Cliff Melvin, Ken Roberts, John Hill, John Denmark, Kitty Eddy, Barbara Porcher
Class of 2014: Emily McGee, Carole Murphy, Rainer Richter, Brette Sanford, Ted Wood
Class of 2015: Linda Mobley, Jim Lake, Wayne Williams, Joanes Martin, Bruce Kitson, Mary Jo Bray, Craig Hammond;Peggy Busacca, Gene Yotka, Errol Leslie
Committee on Leadership (Nominations)
Chairperson: District Superintendent, Gary Spencer
Vice Chair: District Leader of Laity: Rod Groom
Class of 2013: Patti Moxley, Willie Miller, Patti Aupperlee
Class of 2014: Jacquie Leveron, Kyle Henderson
Class of 2015:
Board of Location and Buildings
Chairs: North – Charles Lever; South – Rainer Richter
North Members: George Welch; Barry Richardson; Charles Lever
South Members: Rainer Richter; Bruce Simpson; John Spillane; John Denmark
Clergy Housing Committee
Class of 2013: Al Taylor, Steve Barnes
Class of 2014: Linda Mobley, Richard Jones
Class of 2015: Nate Stuery
Clergy Care Team (*Coordinator)
*Anne Godbold; Bob Brittain; Sandra Forkner; Erich Hamm; Ned Kellar; Larry Loveday; Wes Ummel
CROS Ministries
Executive Director: Pam Cahoon
President: Una James
Vice President: Dollie Watkins Crist
Secretary: Nancy Edwards
Treasurer: Linda Fraser
Pam Davis; Lynn Freytag; Bill Harvey; Una James; Rick Miessau; Audrea Miller; Gary Spencer; Rosa Suarez Prado; Stacy Stout; John Welsh; Annie Woods; Tony Zmistowski, Joseph Black, Dr. Douglas Goldsmith, Becky Knapp, Nancy Thurston Lang, Elizabeth Munnings, Marie Stevens
Leadership Council
Chair: Clare Chance
Vice Chair: David Harris
Finance Chair: Scott Davidson
Secretary: Alice Williams
District Superintendent: Wayne Wiatt
District Lay Leader: Alice Williams
Class of 2013: Ron Beyer; Scott Davidson; Durwood Howell; Owen Stricklin; Jeanine Clontz
Class of 2014: Clare Chance; Janet Earls; Jaime Faberlle; David Harris; Janet Kelley;
Matt White; Jose Nieves;
Class of 2015: Marilyn Beecher; Frank Mercer; Alice Williams
Committee on Leadership (Nominations)
Chair:  Wayne Wiatt
Class of 2013: Lynn Campbell, Clare Chance, Carol Smith
Class of 2014: Jose Carrion; Beth Gardner; Steve Nolin; Sylvester Johnson
Class of 2015: Frank Mercer; Jo Moffat
Ex-Officio:  Marilyn Beecher; Janet Earls-Staff;Janet Kelley-Staff; Wayne Wiatt; Alice Williams – Lay Leader
Committee on Ordained Ministry
Chair: Scott Smith
Vice Chair: Tom Nelson
Registrar/Secretary: Sharon Dey
Class of 2013: Janet Kelley; William Owens; Linda Tice; Carolyn Williamson; Kenneth Zimmerman
Class of 2014: Rusty Belcher; Sharon Dey; Beth Gardner; Barry Lane; Brinda LeBleu; Walter Monroe; Tom Nelson; Gary Rideout
Class of 2015: Ginger Aiken; Joanne McPherson; Silas M’Mworia
Class of 2016: Scott Smith, Tom McCloskey; Miguel Velez; Tony Chance
New Church Development Committee
Chair: Jennifer Stiles-Williams
Vice-Chair: Tom Bledsoe
Secretary: Rusty Belcher
Finance Chair: Durwood Howell
Rusty Belcher; Joyce Waldon-Bright; Jose Carrion; Janet Kelley;Ken Murrah; Sid Vilhen; Carolyn Williamson; Alice Williams-Lay Leader; Wayne Wiatt
Congregational Excellence Team
Chair: Barbie Boyd
Staff Liaison: Janet Earls, EC District Congregational Excellence Coordinator
Barbie Boyd: Jose Carrion; Ben Stilwell-Hernandez; Mark Jaeger;Sergio Jurado;Mike Mailman;Nadine Richmond; Michelle Van Son; Barbara Stricklin; Janet Kelley, EC Staff; Jeff Stiggins, Conference Staff;  Wayne Wiatt-DS;
Board of Location and Building
Chair: Tom Bledsoe
Ben Celones; Paul Cross; Joel Fears; Alex Fernandez; Charles Gardner; Jim LeBleu; Barbara Seachrist;Guy Wilkinson; Wayne Wiatt
Clergy Housing Committee
Chair: Emily Ann Zimmerman
Marilyn Porterfield; Barbara Stricklin; Ernest “Ken” White;
Church and Community Connection (Outreach Ministries)
Chair: Syl Johnson;
Director: Marilyn Beecher
Bethany Bower-Haynes; Mary Lee Downy; Chad Garmon; Celeste Gilmore; Rebecca Hyvonen; Alma Manney; Daniel Martinez; Drew Parsons; Thomas Toussaint; Wayne Wiatt
Class of 2013: Syl Johnson, Mary Lee Downey, Drew Parsons, Rebecca Hyvonen
Class of 2014: Celeste Gilmore, Daniel Martinez, Thomas Toussaint
Class of 2015: Bethany Bower-Haynes; Alma Manney
Clergy Care Team
Coordinator: Barbara Riddle
Jess Baker; Steve Binkley; Bob Bushong; Trall Heitzenrater; Ann Hutchens;  Aldo Martin; Billy Pickett; Barbara Riddle; Daniel Sain; Tom Samuel; Robbi Walker; Peter Whittier  
Ex officio Members: Wayne Wiatt; Janet Kelley      
Methodist United in Prayer Task Force
Co-Chairs:  Robert Glasgow; Aldo Martin
Carolyn Beekman; Rusty Belcher; Molly Glasgow; Wayne Wiatt
Disaster Team
Coordinator: Jeff Campbell
Staff Liaison: Marilyn Beecher
Michael Coffey; Dave Dayton; Lee Evans; Tammy Fisher; Carolyn Green; Sue Macchiarella; Cheri Mangum; Aurelio Reyes; Kay Wingard
District Lay Leader: Alice Williams
Legal Advisors: Randolph Rush; Richard Boehm
Disaster Response Coordinator: Jeff Campbell
Hispanic Ministries Coordinator: Jaime Faberlle
Volunteers in Mission Coordinators:  Debbie Douglas; Kent Powers
Scouting Coordinators: Doug Pickett; Phil Shehi
Lay Servant Ministry: Lynn Campbell
Lay Representative to Conference Committee on Leadership: Janet Kelley
United Methodist Men District Pres: Bruce Rutherford
United Methodist Women District Pres: Lynn Campbell 
United Methodist Women District Vice Pres: Joyce Waldon Bright
The following elect their own officers:
Halifax Urban Ministries Board of Directors 
Chair: Bill Turner
Vice Chair: Ted Serbousek
Executive Director: Rev.Troy Ray
Secretary: Sue Hale
Treasurer: Jay Bond
Past Chair: Judy Barefield
Bobbi Barlow; Lonnie Brown; Brad Carter; Nancy Force; Vivian Robinson; Dolores Smith; Rev. James Taylor; Shiela McKay-Vaughan; Gary Wandelt; Jim Watson; Bill Shaffer
Ex officio: Troy Ray; Rev. Dr. Wayne Wiatt
Stetson University Wesley House Board of Directors 
President: John Campbell
Director: Cindy Guiles
Student President: Melanie Myer
Student Board Members: Kate Pearce
Board Members: Drew Dancey; John Dill; Lisa Eddy; Conya Hartman; Ashley Hearn; Jeremy Hearn; Eryl Mokry; Tom Nelson; Sarah-Beth Priest; Melynne Rust; Alma Smith; Lynn Thompson; Wayne Wiatt
Central Florida Wesley  Foundation Board of Directors  
Director: Rev. Erwin Lopez
Associate Directors:  Rebecca Calvert, Michael Margio, and Sarah Robles
Matt Armstong; Emily Ashworth-Hamilton;Jeff Bergmann;Carol Hull; Matthew Kanagy;  Phyllis Klock Lyndol Loyd; Joe MacLaren; Michael Manglardi; Cynthia Sucher; Wayne Wiatt
Student Rep to Board: Brittany Baker; Nathan Wilkinson
Leadership Council
Chair: Mason Dorsey
Vice Chair: 
Secretary: Bob Martin
Lay Leaders: Suzy Baad; Helen Morrill
District Superintendent: John Powers
District Congregational Excellence Coordinator: Steve Potter
Ex officio: Maggie Corrigan
Class of 2013 Mason Dorsey; Tamara Isidore; Nancy Mayeux
Class of 2014Suzy Baad; Susan Schrier Clouse; Steve Cole
Class of 2015Lew Arnold; Sue Eidschun; Lewis Hill; Jack Stephenson
Class of 2016 Jackie McMillan; Bob Martin
Committee on Leadership (Nominations)
Chair: John Powers
Vice Chair: Walter Dry. Sr.
Ex. Officio: Steve Potter
Class of 2013 Grant Corrigan
Class of 2014 Dolores Bedden; Sue Eidschun; Arch Johnston
Class of 2015 John Hay; Walter Dry
Class of 2016 Camelina Cordero; Bill Bailey
Committee on Ordained Ministry
Chair: Robin Hager
Vice Chair: 
Registrar: Suzy Baad
Class of 2013: James Mitchell; Ed Qualls;
Class of 2014 John Ekers; David Gill;
Class of 2015 David Carefoot;  Leontyne Middleton; Michael Oliver, Chris Schmidt;
Class of 2016; Robin Hager; Jon Russell; William Smalling; Adam Zele
New Church Development Committee
Chair: Steve Cole
Vice Chair: Chuck Engelhardt
Secretary: Chuck Engelhardt
Class of 2013 Chuck Engelhardt; Steve Price;
Class of 2014 Scott Baker;Leroy Williams
Class of 2015 Steve Cole; Eric McCrea
Class of 2016 Debbie Weeks; Chris Kirk
Congregational Excellence Committee
Chair: Susan Schrier Clouse
Coordinator: Steve Potter
Class of 2013 Tim Ehrlich; Jack Stephenson
Class of 2014 Susan Schrier Clouse; Chris Schmidt
Class of 2015 Gayla Grimes Harbolt; Cathy Hart
Class of 2016 David Rawls; Eric McCrea
Board of Location and Buildings
Chair: Bruce Ebert
Vice Chair: 
Class of 2013 Grant Corrigan; Bruce Ebert; Roland Johnson; E.J. Robinson
Class of 2014 Jim Rosenburg; John Hay; Margena Hinely
Class of 2015 Dave Hall; Arch Johnston; Sharon Patch
Class of 2016 Russell Allen; John Benson; Fred Marquis; John Ekers
Clergy Housing Committee:
Chair: Bob Green
Class of 2013 Bob Green; Robert Kalee; Ann Mitchell
Class of 2014 Betty Batey
Class of 2015 Helen Morrill; Joe Walker
Class of 2016 Sharon Powers; Arnett Smith
United Methodist Cooperative Ministries/Suncoast
Director: Pam Qualls
President: Rev. John Ekers
Vice President: Valene Long
Secretary: Roberta Lau
Treasurer: Doug O'Dowd
District Superintendent: John Powers
President United Methodist Women:  Betty Ens
President United Methodist Men: Lou Amandola
District Lay Leader: Walter Dry, Sr.
Members: Rosemary Uebel; Suzanne Hutto; Michelle Kiewit; Doris Campbell; Lorena Watson
Member Emeritus: Marion Lucciola; Bonnie Swan; Helen Sweatt
District Leader of Laity: Suzy Baad
Associate District Lay Leader: Helen Morrill
Legal Advisors: Steve Cole; Joe Mason
Disaster Response Coordinator: Ron Luke
Cuba/Florida Covenant: Jack Beatty
Leadership Council
Chair: Lenny Schultz
Vice-Chair: TBA
Secretary: TBA
Treasurer: Chris Sanders
Class of 2013: John Harrington, Idella Gaston, Carol Mack-Harrell
Class of 2014: Leigh Anne Hagerman, Lenny Schultz, Barbara Blanton
Class of 2015: Dan Jackson, Jim Cook, Bob Wannall
Class of 2016: Chris Sanders, Allen Johnson, Stacey Spence, Gary Upleger
Committee on Lay Leadership (Nominations)
Chair: Annette S. Pendergrass
Vice-Chair: Lenny Schultz
Class of 2013: Karen Burris, Lenny Schultz, Idella Gaston
Class of 2014: Sandra Greenway, John Bendall
Class of 2015: Dan Jackson, David Allen
Class of 2016: Harry Holloman, Anne Abbott
Committee on Ordained Ministry
Chair: Dan Jackson
Vice-Chair: Mike Fordham
Secretary/Registrar (Non voting): John Bendall
Clergy: John Barham, Sue Haupert-Johnson,   Mike Fordham,   Gary Upleger, Bob Wannall, John Harrington,  Geraldine McClellan, Dan Jackson, Alan Jefferson, Harold Hendren, Tony Rosenberger, Sara McKinley, Monique McBride, Debbie Allen, Will Clark
Lay: Marion Chisholm, Jim Cook, Gussie Campbell, Gail Burry
New Church Development Committee
Chair: Chris Sanders
Vice-chair: David Anderson
Secretary: TBA
Class of 2013: Robert Pratt, David Anderson, David Allen, Harry Holloman
Class of 2014: Miquell Mack, Eduardo Cortéz, Daryl Allen
Class of 2015: Chris Wile, Paul Daniels, Dr. Bill Leach
Class of 2016: Harold Hendren, Chris Sanders, Marvin Bingham
Congregational Excellence
Chair: Bob Wannall
Vice-chair: TBA
Secretary: Tyler Montgomery
Class of 2013:  Bob Wannall, Tyler Montgomery, Alan Jefferson
Class of 2014: Dick Schaeffer, John Banks, Anna Faye Thomas
Class of 2015: Paul Kramer, Anna Faye Thomas, Robert Roseberry, Carolyn Thomas
Class of 2016: Larry Taylor, Greer Jensen, Mary Gestrich
Gator Wesley Foundation Board of Directors
Members: Jean Chance, Chair, Emory Springfield, Vice-Chair, Jim Knight, Treasurer, Allen Johnson, Annette Pendergrass, Dick Scheaffer, Emory Springfield, Geraldine McClellan, Mary Ruth Elfe, Rebecca Pauly, Rebecca Barry, Andrew Baten, Katherine Morgan, Serena Cook.
District Housing Committee
Chair: Larry Burris
Vice-chair: TBA
Secretary: TBA
Class of 2013: Debbie Allen, Earl McDow,
Class of 2014: Annette Brown, Stacey Murdock
Class of 2015: Marty McFall, Heather Roseberry
Class of 2016: Scott Pendergrass, Mary Jo Upleger
District Lay Leader: Lenny Schultz
Associate District Lay Leader: Idella Gaston
Legal Advisor: Marvin Bingham
Director of Lay Servant Ministries: Carol Mack-Harrell
District Lay Representative on the Conference Committee on Leadership: Lenny Schultz
Cuba/Florida Covenant/Russia Initiative: Sanford Mayo, Carl Bergeson
Haitian Ministries District Coordinator: Pierre Jacques Jean-Gilles
Conflict Resolution Consultants: Lynn Monaco
Disaster Response Coordinator: Gary Search
Hispanic Ministries District Coordinator: Eduardo Cortéz
Volunteers in Mission District Coordinator: Carl Bergeson
Scouting Coordinator: Andrew Evans
United Methodist Men: TBA
United Methodist Women: Marilyn Holsipple
Leadership Council (also functions as Board of Location and Building)
Class of 2013: Bruce Jones, David Spaulding, Darrell Wyatt
Class of 2014: Mike Hudson, Steve Herbert, Bill Fackler
Class of 2015: Georgia Gaston, Mindy Roberts, Carol Stevens
Class of 2016: Derrick Scott, Kelly Minter, C. J. Hill  
Ex officio with vote: District Superintendent, District Business Administrator, District Lay Leader
Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development
Chair: Timothy Smiley
Class of 2013: Debbie Moore, Bill Fackler, Ralph Young
Class of 2014: Denise Morrell, Barry Andrews, A.C. Myers
Class of 2015: Bryan Amerling, Bryan Simpson, David Sandlin
Committee on Ordained Ministry
Chair: Brett Opalinski
Registrar: Debbie Moore
Barry Andrews,  Bill Fackler, Mike Moore, Brett Opalinski,  Timothy Smiley, Dale Tedder, Pat Turner-Sharpton, Mike Wilkins, Melissa Pisco, Carole Rooks,  Jim Reeher, Georgia Gaston. Alan Patz
New Church Development Committee
Chair: Steve Herbert
Class of 2013: Gee Sprague, La Ronda Barnes, Jim Young
Class of 2014: Dianne Briery, Murray Lewis, Tom Sandlin
Class of 2015: Edwin Perez, Rafe Vigil, Wendell Davis  
Ex officio with vote: District Superintendent, District Business Administrator, District Lay Leader
Congregational Excellence Team
Chair: David Spaulding
Class of 2013: Martha O’Reilly, Lisa Hazlett, Marcus Stouffer
Class of 2014: Ed Chappell, Deloris Demps, Larry Shields
Class of 2015: Amy Buggle, Bill McRae, Greg Freeze
Ex officio: District Lay Leader, Associate Lay Leader, District Superintendent
Clergy Housing Committee
Brenda Brown, Bob Matthews, Rick Cornwell, Joan Bryant, Haley Jones, A. C. Myers
District Lay Leader: Bob Holzkamp
Associate District Lay Leader: Rose Muller
Associate District Lay Leader: Richard Fortier
District Legal Advisor: Cecile Rider
Disaster Response Coordinator: Jim Mitts
Hispanic Ministries District Coordinator: Edwin Perez
Volunteers in Mission District Coordinator: Hollie Tapley
Scouting Coordinator: Joe Solomons
District Director of Lay Speaking: Patrice Peterson
District United Methodist Women President: Marie Rivera
Lay Representative on the Conference Committee on Leadership: Bob Holzkamp
Cuba/Florida Covenant Coordinators: Loree and George Reed
District Youth Coordinator: Mike Hudson
 NWD Leadership Council
Chair: Jim Catron
Class of 2013: Jim Crosby; Jim Gamble; Lou Miller
Class of 2014: Eunice Barbaree, Amber Tompkins, Louie Mabrey
Class of 2015: Warren Harden, Ken Hamilton , Jim Catron
Class of 2016: Dan Rosier, April Henkel, Louise Kraus
Chairperson / Representative from the District New Church Development Committee
Chairperson / Representative of Congregational Excellence Committee
Chairperson / Representative of Hispanic Ministry Team
District Superintendent
Committee on Leadership
Chair: Robert Gibbs, D.S.
Jim Crosby;  Katie Hewett; James Howes; Jack Pearce; Mary Helen Studebaker,  Mike Shockley, Gail Christy-Jones, Deborah Brown.
Committee on Ordained Ministry
Chair: Jeremy Rebman
Vice Chair: Vance Rains
Betsy Burch; Clarke Campbell-Evans; Wayne Curry; William M. Finnin Jr.; Judy Galloway; June Gay; Tom Price; Barbara Hynes; Kenneth Hamilton; William Rhoads; Mike Shockley; Billy Vinson; John Whitehead; Barbara Williams, Robert Gibbs D.S.
Registrar: Billy Vinson
New Church Development
Chair: David Elyea
Vice –Chair: Phil Brown
Dorothy Binger; Kimberly Davis; Barbara Gill; Robert Gibbs (DS); James Howes; Debara Jump;   Charles Rockwood; Karen Russell; Matthew Williams; Linda Yates
Congregational Excellence
Chair: Wayne Cook
Nathan Adams; Gwendolyn Dixon; Kevin Hall; Ken Hamilton; Lynda Hanson; Robert Laidlaw; Dennis Lewis; Jeroline Newbold; Alyce Parmer.
Clergy Housing Committee
Chair: Ruth Herndon
Sam Adams; Eunice Barbaree; Janet Cook; Donald Thompson; Tracy Laidlaw; Jeffrey Tate
Clergy Care Team
Tom Price; William Rhoads; Jack Stroman; John Whitehead; David Woerner
Wesley Foundation Board of Directors - Florida State University
President: Diana Flagg
Vice President: Keith Tischler
Treasurer: Jimmie Duncan
Secretary: Judy Watson
Starr Clay; Chip Collette; John Cook; Kevin Cook; Wayne Cook; Vern Danforth; Nancy Duncan; Leslie Elliott; Tom Flagg; Bill Fritchman; Judy Galloway; Savannah Groenendyk; Stephen Hobbs; Chip Huggins; David Jones; Eddie Long; Trey McNabb; Christina Pacelle; Matt Ponder; Amanda Saxton; Robert Spivey
Wesley Foundation Board of Directors - Florida A & M University (In transition)
UM Cooperative Ministries of Madison County
Chair: Mary Helen Studebaker 
Vice-Chair: Pat Warren
Treasurer: Pat Ruttan
Secretary: Deborah Brown
Finance Secretary: Sue Hunter
MaryAnn Bellamy; Tim Blanton; Deborah Brown; Marie Cone; Helen Edenfield; Stuart Fenneman; Linda Gaston; Michael Halley; Jimmie Hardee; Ruth Herndon; James Howes; Lacey Hudson; Jim Hunter; Sue Hunter; Mae Irby; Bill Knight; Terry Knight;  Robert Laidlaw; Audrey Land; David Lee; Francis Mercer; Charlie Peck; George Pridgeon; Jim Pulliam; Rich Quackenbush; Sonny Rollings; Paul Rowell; Pat Ruttan; Gary Sailer; Beanie Searcy; Bob Searcy; Archie Strickland; Louise Strickland; Mary Helen Studebaker; Margaret Throgmorton; Pat Warren; Charles Wooten; Peggy Wooten. 
Ex Officio: Michael Halley
Hispanic Ministry Team
Chair: Leroy Irwin
Edwin Chiquillo; Bob Dehner; Amy Finley; Manuel Guerra; Patsy Pitts; Tom Price; Rich Reffner. Ex-officio: D.S and pastors of Forest Hills and Glen Julia-Sycamore.
District Lay Leader: Jim Crosby; Co-Lay Leader: Dan Rosier
Legal Advisors: Sid Matthew, P.A. and Gwen Adkins, P.A.
Disaster Response Coordinators: John Sink; Lee Neely; Carol McRae
Directors of Lay Speaking (Servant) Ministries: Esta Mae Bedenbaugh and Joyce Estes
Representative on the Conference Committee on Leadership:
Methodist United in Prayer Coordinator: Terry Denham
Prison Ministry Coordinator: Mary Ann Walsh
United Methodist Women: Kay Roach
United Methodist Men: Stan Monroe
Scouting Coordinator: Kevin Hall
United Methodist Volunteers in Mission Coordinator: Linda Bianco
Leadership Council
Chair:              Jamie Westlake
Secretary:        Dennis Roebuck  
Ex officio:        Sharon Austin
Class of 2013:Skip Wilson; Pam Childs; Debbie Casanzio
Class of 2014: Dennis Roebuck; John Darling; Raphael Dessieu; Diogenes Hernandez;
                        John Reever; Jennifer Smith; Kim Uchimura
Class of 2015: Sharon Davis
Class of 2016: Earl Smith, Jamie Westlake

Committee On Leadership (Nominations)
Chair:              Sharon Austin
Class of 2013: Val Hattery
Class of 2014: Dawn Anderson, Elsie Olsen, John Darling
Class of 2015: Mary Beth Packard, Corey Jones, Jeff Kantz, John Reever

Committee On Ordained Ministry:
Chair:              Daphne Johnson
Ex officio:        Sharon Austin
Registrar:         Patricia Krause
Class of 2016: William Gill, Rick Cabot, Arlindall Burks, Dan Parrish, Tom Ponton
Class of 2020: Daphne Johnson, Sam Ramirez, Emily Oliver, Sam Maihack, Mark Reynolds

New Church Development Committee:
Chair:              Matt Wallis
Ex officio:       Sharon Austin
Class of 2013: Jeff Smith
Class of 2014: Diogenes Hernandez, Val Hattery, John Reever
Class of 2015: St. Clair Moore, Matt Horan, Sarah Miller, Matt Wallis

Congregational Excellence Committee:
Chair:              Pam Childs
Class of 2014: Pam Childs, Jennifer Smith, Mindy Schiller
Class of 2015: Ron Hubbard, John Barolo, Karen Peel
Board Of Location and Building
Chair:              Sharon Davis
Class of 2013: Denie Garrett
Class of 2014: Pete Cottrell
Class of 2015: Sharon Davis, John Miller, Doug Townley, Kathi Sheehan
Finance and Trustees
Trustees Chair: Skip Wilson
Finance Chair:   Kim Uchimura
Treasurer:          Carol Perrin
Class of 2014:   Kim Uchimura, Skip Wilson, John Darling
Class of 2015:   John Hutto, Larry Powell, Laurie Hurst
Chair:              Sharon Austin 
Class of 2014: Skip Wilson, Elsie Olsen, Geraldine Christopher
Class of 2016: Jamie Westlake

Clergy Housing Committee
Chair:              Russ Rhoads   
Class of 2014: Margaret Blanchard, Carol Sue Hutchinson
Class of 2015: Clark Edwards, Dennis Roebuck, Russ Rhodes, Rob Rose,
                        Gail Davenport, Pat Krause

University of South Florida Crosswinds Campus Ministry  
Chair: Joey Herres
Bob Douglass, Chris Saunders, Terry Sisco, Cindy Sisco, Dr. Janet Moore, Rev. Dr. Kevin James, Justin Overstreet, Paul Griffith
District Lay Leader: John Reever
District Associate Lay Leader: Mike Mullins
Legal Advisory: Stephen Gardner, Bob Rasmussen
Disaster Response Coordinator: Marvin Hammontree
Hispanic Ministries Coordinator: Diogenes Hernandez
Director of Lay Speaking: Gail Kantz
Lay Representative to Conference Committee on Leadership: John Reever
Methodist United in Prayer Coordinator: Renee Kincaid
United Methodist Men: Ken Blackman
United Methodist Women: Margaret Masters
District Representative for Prison Ministry: B.J. Coyer
Leadership Council
Chair: Durwood Foshee
Secretary:  Gertrude Stewart
District Lay Leader: Michael Sullivan
Associate District Lay Leaders: Clausette Emmanuel; Oscar Negron; Oswald Sands
Members: John Anderson; Mark Caldwell; Durwood Foshee; Brent Hursey-McLaughlin; Paul Massingill; Danilo Quevedo; Craig Nelson: DS
Committee on Leadership (Nominations)
Chair: Craig Nelson
Clausette Emmanuel; Oscar Negron; Oswald Sands
Committee on Ordained Ministry
Chairperson: Alex Shanks
Registrar: TBA
Mercedes Andrade; Jo Ann Anderson; Marta Burke; Joreathea Capers; Patty Daniels; Minette Douglas; Jim Flannery; Preval Floreal; Durwood Foshee; Amber Massingill; Fawn Mikel; Montreuil Milord; Eddie Murphy; David Range; Kay Reinart; Alex Shanks; Sam Wright; Geraline Gilyard; Mirdine Minviel; Craig Nelson
Committee on New Church Development
Chairperson: Danilo Quevedo
Holmes Braddock; Clyde Carter; George Lutz; Montreuil Milord; Oscar Negron; Oswald Sands; Craig Nelson
District Trustees
Chair: Al Gonzalez
Stuart Bodin; Gustavo Betancourt; Oscar Negron; Guy Minviel; Craig Nelson
South East Board Location and Building
Chair: Gustavo Betancourt
Members:John Anderson; Mark Caldwell; Durwood Foshee: Brent Hursey-McLaughlin; Paul Massingill; Danilo Quevedo; Craig Nelson: DS
District Congregational Excellence Team
Chair: Mark Caldwell
Linda Burton; Mark Caldwell; Diane Gutierrez; Ryan Hall; Juana Jordan, Craig Nelson; Gordon Pike; Mike Sullivan; Alexis Talbott; Sam Wright
District Housing Committee
Chair: TBA
Fritzlorme Etienne; Nancy Lozito; Sally Matson; Guy Minviel; Raymundo Torres; Gustavo Betancourt (non voting staff); Jim Welch
District Disaster Team
Chairperson: Cesar Villafana; Fred Hobson
Legal Advisor and Chair of Legal Team: Robert Perez
Coordinators District Disaster: Cesar Villafaña
Director of Lay Speaking Ministry: Jacki Haack
District Rep to Conference Committee on Leadership: Oswald Sands
Methodist United in Prayer Coordinators: Blanca Hermida (Broward) and Robert Pinera
Leadership Council
Chair:              David Stauffer
Class of 2013: Dave Hamrick, Don Nations, Marion Sortore, Marlene Young
Class of 2014: Zig Bays, Jerry Milner, Wade Sperry, David Stauffer, Tom Willetts
Class of 2015: Art McClellan, Clarice Setser, Roy Terry
Chairperson/Representative from the District NCD Committee
Chairperson/Representative from the Congregational Excellence Committee
Ex officio with vote: District Superintendent, District Business Administrator, District Lay Leader
Committee on Leadership (Nominations)
Chair:              Rinaldo Hernandez
Vice Chair:      Benny Aguilar
Secretary:        Sandy Voigt
Class of 2013: Benny Aguilar, Julie Bullerdick, Vince Price
Class of 2014: Don Grant, Brian Smith, Wade Sperry
Class of 2015: Stephanie Campbell, Bill Fisackerly, Gene Louise Fisher, Nancy Metz
New Church Development
Chair:              Ted Sauter
Class of 2013: Jeff Futral, James Holden, Nakako Kellum, David Stauffer
Class of 2014: Fred Ball, Dick Ringfelt, Ted Sauter
Class of 2015: Betty Gissendanner, Jim Thomas, Jim Wade
Ex officio with vote: District Superintendent, District Business Administrator, District Lay Leader
Committee on Ordained Ministry
Chair:              Ronald DeGenaro
Vice Chair:      Jay Therrell
Secretary:        Joann Springer
Registrar:         Julie Bullerdick
Class of 2013: Cherie Chapman, Lia Icaza-Willetts, Don Nations, Jay Therrell
Class of 2014: John Bryant, John Hicks, Denman Jones, Karolyn Nunnallee, Wes Olds
Class of 2015: Ronald DeGenaro, Joann Springer, Roy Terry
Class of 2016: Bob Clogston, Steve Hart, Christine Holden, Vic Willis
Congregational Excellence Committee
Chair:              Doug Pareti
Vice Chair:      Bill Fisackerly
Class of 2013: Bill Fisackerly, Don Grant, Doug Pareti
Class of 2014: John Bennett, Victoria Guthrie, Arlene Jackson, Jay Tucker
Class of 2015: Larry Hannah, Brian James, Kim Joyner, Edward Kellum, Charley Watts
Clergy Housing Committee
Chair:              Clarice Setser
Vice-Chair:      Geoff Gibbs
Class of 2013: Roxanne Pareti
Class of 2014: Rebecca Smith
Class of 2015: Tom Fuller
Florida Gulf Coast Wesley Foundation Board of Directors
Members: Rini Hernandez, Roy Terry, Leslie Terry, Jerry Israel, Dennis Hunt, Betty Gissendanner, Doug Whitaker, Jay Tucker, Brad Middaugh, Pete efferts, Shari Chrovian, David Sturm, Kaitlyn Brandt
District Disaster Coordinators:        Thom Street
Volunteers In Mission District Coordinator:Ray Bartholomew
Scouting Coordinator:                      Dan Andrews
Director of Lay Speaking:                Gene Louise Fisher
Lay Representative on the Conference Committee on Leadership: Benny Aguilar
District Youth Coordinator:             Mike Edwards


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