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Calendar of Reports due 2019

Listed below are local church reports deadlines, with the exception of two LIVE dates (December 27, 2018 and August 21, 2019).

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*Recurring Monthly Reports

December 27, 2018 - LIVE DATE

Year-end local church statistics available online beginning December 27, 2018. (Table 1, Table 2, Table 3) Complete online annually.  Must be completed by 5:00 pm Friday, February 8, 2019.  Click Here for instructions page.

January 11

2018 Apportionments. Friday, January 11, 2019 is the last day for receiving 2018 apportionments. This is not a postmark date, but the date by which monies must be received in the conference office or at the lockbox at Regions Bank to be included in 2018 receivables. Monies received after this date will be credited to 2019. Include a completed apportionment giving form with your payment. Always include your church’s GCFA number on all forms and checks. When paying in January, mark clearly if the payment is for 2018 or 2019 apportionments.  Click here to view your 2018 Connectional Giving Report.

Note: To be included in the Florida Annual Conference "Report of 100% Churches," 100% of 2018 apportionments must be received by January 11, 2019, and all outstanding Ministry Protection and Health and Benefits obligations must be received by December 31, 2018.

January 31

Pastor Preference for Appointment and Staff Parish Advisory Recommendation. 
Only Pastors and SPRCs making an advisory request to the Bishop and the Cabinet for a move in 2019 will complete the Preference for Appointment or SPRC Advisory Recommendation forms. If requesting a move, contact your District Superintendent to schedule a consultation appointment and to request the appropriate Advisory Recommendation form. (Please refer to a copy of the revised Cabinet Appointment Making Guidelines for more detailed information.)


*Recurring Monthly Reports

February 1

Church Profile – reviewed and updated annually. 

These forms are to be reviewed and updated annually by all church SPR Committees and all clergy in the Florida Conference. All church SPR Committees must update online annually and may begin after December 1, 2018. The Church Profile deadline requires it be completed online no later than one week prior to the pastor’s DS consultation if they are having one. The final date to update the Church Profile is February 1, 2019. Click here for the Church and Pastor Profiles start page

Pastor Profile – reviewed and updated annually.
All pastors must update online annually and may begin after December 1, 2018. The Pastor Profile deadline requires it to be completed online no later than one week prior to the DS consultation. Though you may not anticipate a move, it is important that both the Pastor Profile and Church Profile be current and up to date at the first appointment-making session of the Cabinet. The reports should be an honest reflection of the pastoral ministry and the profile of the church. The final date to update the Pastor Profile is February 1, 2019. Click here for the Church and Pastor Profiles start page

February 8

Year-end local church statistics (Table 1, Table 2, Table 3) close on Friday, February 8 at 5:00 pm. Complete online annually. This form will be available online via the Statistics link at your church dashboard login on the conference website beginning December 27, 2018.  Must be completed by February 8, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.  

February 22

Workers Compensation Payroll Audit is to be completed online annually.  Report actual payroll for calendar year 2018.  Must be completed between February 1 and February 22, 2019. In order to comply with State of Florida requirements related to workers’ compensation coverage, we ask that you complete the brief online payroll survey.  Please review your payroll records (941’s etc.) for the calendar year 2018 and complete the form as accurately as possible.  Please note that your responses will not affect your workers’ compensation insurance costs for 2019 as this updated information is simply required to comply with State of Florida regulations. 

February 28

Ensure Lay Member to Annual Conference name and contact information is correct in church dashboard.


*Recurring Monthly Reports

March 31

Fiscal Responsibility and Management Policies. Financial Controls, Policies, and Procedures - Review & renew annually. Once in compliance, submit a signed copy of the one page Annual Review and Renewal Document to the district office by March 31.  Click here for Fiscal Responsibility and Management Policies in Local Churches.  

March 31

Employee Conduct Policy Adoption. FL Conference Revised Local Church Policy last revised April 2015.  Review and renew annually.
CLERGY FORM: Click here for ECP for clergy. Submit the signed clergy copy to the district office by March 31.

EMPLOYEE FORM: Click here for ECP for local church employees. Copies of the local church employees forms should not be submitted to the district office, but should be filed in their employee file at the local church.

ADOPTION AGREEMENT: Click here - Adopt the revised ECP and submit a signed copy of the Adoption Agreement to the district office by March 31.

March 31

Annual Report to the District Housing Committee / Parsonage Checklist. Review & renew annually. Submit a signed copy of the Annual Parsonage Review to the district office by March 31.

March 31

Disaster Recovery Quick Resource Survey. Survey is available via your church dashboard login on the Conference website. (You will need your Church's user name and password to access Disaster Recovery Quick Resource Survey.) Once you have accessed the EZRA database, select the "Churches" icon, then select "Disaster Response" from the list on the left. Contact your district office if you need assistance.

March 31

Fund Balance Report for the Year End 2018. This report is located in your church dashboard. Report available via the church dashboard login under Fund Balance. 


*Recurring monthly reports

April 30

Child/Youth Protection Policy adoption. Local churches and conference-affiliated ministries are asked to review and update policies using this template by April 30. Please submit a copy of the  complete policy and the Annual Review & Renewal Signature page to the district office by April 30.  


*Recurring monthly reports

May 31

Annual Assessment of Ministerial Effectiveness & Goal Setting. The clergy assessment process for 2019 is available on the FLUMC website under Clergy Excellence. Appointed Clergy and the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee should meet annually to complete this process. The report is due to the district office every year by May 31. Click here for more information. (Continuing Education is now completed in conjunction with the Annual Assessment above.)


*Recurring monthly reports


*Recurring monthly reports


*Recurring monthly reports

August 15-30

Annual Ministry Protection Property and Casualty Insurance Review (Annual Survey). Trustees to review insurance coverage and update online insurance database annually. Annual review period is August 15-30, 2019. This database is also available online year round to enable churches to update insurance data as changes occur. Click here to link to the church dashboard via the insurance database on the Ministry Protection website.   

The Annual Workers Compensation Payroll Audit. Finance/Treasurer to complete this annual payroll audit. Please be sure to project your payroll by category through the end of 2019 when completing this section. 

Click here between August 15-30 to log into the brief Property & Casualty Survey and Workers' Compensation Audit. (Please note this audit is performed twice a year as part of Florida Legislature Statute 440.381.)

August 21 - LIVE TODAY    

Annual Charge Conference Forms available online Wednesday, August 21. These forms are to be completed annually by each local church in accordance with the District Superintendent’s annual charge conference directions. Click here to link to last year's forms.


*Recurring monthly reports


*Recurring monthly reports


*Recurring monthly reports

Within One Week Of Your Charge Conference

Local Church Leaders data entry (incoming local church lay officers contact information for the year 2020) should be updated online via your church dashboard within one (1) week of your Annual Charge/Church Conference in the fall. Current leaders and contact information can be accessed year round via the church loginUpdates and changes in local church officers should be reported on-line as they occur throughout the year. All 2020 leadership updates should be finalized by November 30, 2019.


*Recurring monthly reports



 *Recurring Monthly Reports

Missional Vital Signs (click here to submit the MVS report). MVS for the previous month should be submitted online by the 10th of the following month. Click here for an explanation of Missional Vital Signs. For more information contact your district office.

Download online Monthly Billing Reports from Florida Conference website:

  • Health Insurance and Pension Statements
  • Property Casualty and Workers Compensation Insurance Statements
  • Apportionment Statements

Updated 9/19/2018