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Board of Pensions assisting with Pension Payments

Fellow Florida United Methodist:

These are indeed unprecedented times and the duration is uncertain. The Florida Conference is appreciative of the difficulties you are facing, and we want to help in a significant way. While we have instituted a number of cost-saving initiatives at the Conference including eliminating non-essential travel, meeting virtually, delaying and/or eliminating contractual obligations and revisiting each and every expense to determine if absolutely necessary, these initiatives have little or no tangible effect on the financial difficulties you are experiencing.

In an effort to be of assistance in these times, the Board of Pensions and Health Benefits has agreed to absorb 50% of the monthly pension expense of every church for April, May and June. The cost of paying half of the pension bill is approximately $700,000 and is to be totally funded from the Board of Pensions and Health Benefits. These savings are available to every church, both large and small.

Thanks to Clare Chance, Chair of the Board of Pension and Health Insurance, and each board member for realizing the difficulties facing the churches of The Florida Conference and approving this action.
Milton E. Wilson, Interim Treasurer, Director of Administrative Services
Craig Smelser, Controller