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Bishop Carter: Take a deep breath

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Sometimes I take a deep breath and appreciate what is happening across the Florida Conference.

The Gospel, a stranger and the burnt ends of the brisket (Luke 24. 13–35)

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Who was the stranger who joined us when we sat down to break bread together at the Haywood Smokehouse?

What is Wrong With the Church? (Psalm 51)

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With some regularity, I receive communications—letters, links to blogs, statements—about what is wrong with the church. I'm not complaining here. I am asking us to shift our focus.

“As Much Unity as Possible”: Reflections on 1 Corinthians 12

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The apostle Paul is writing to a divided church. There were divisions in the church, even in the first century. In this instance, the divisions were about the gifts of speaking in tongues (glossalia) and prophecy (prophetea). Some saw themselves as being more spiritual than others. Paul speaks into the context of the church in Corinth by using the framework of God’s gifts and grace.

Luther's Reformation and ours

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October 31, 2017, marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The Reformation is one of the streams that flows into the Methodist way of being a Christian; another is the spiritual life of the Moravians, and, yet another, is the ordered life of the Anglicans. But this fall is a significant season for us in our family tree, one that has shaped our lives in profound ways. It points us to remember the Reformation of Martin Luther.

Remembering Who We Are: Where covenant, justice and unity meet

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This fall I have used a simple drawing of three circles to portray something of where we are as a church in the present moment. The three circles are covenant, justice and unity. Covenantal people greatly value the promises we have made to God and to each other in baptism, in ordination and in consecration. They seek greater public accountability when our covenants are broken. Those in a search for justice participate in a history that gives greater rights and offers God’s grace and blessings ...

Remembering Who We Are: Finding our core

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In conversations with the Florida Conference cabinet and later with a small team of persons on the Commission on a Way Forward, we sought to gain more clarity and definition of what is at the core of who we are as United Methodist Christians.

Letter from Bishop Carter post-Irma – with invites to Fall Gatherings

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Bishop Carter announces establishing the Hurricane Irma Fund, and invites all to attend a Regional Fall Gathering. The theme for the events is Growing in our Trust of God.

Anticipating Hurricane Irma, let our churches be present and in mission

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Sisters and Brothers in the Florida Conference, Grace to you and peace in the name of Jesus Christ! The Florida Conference has strong teams and clear processes in place as we anticipate the coming of Hurricane Irma. A call center will be functional and superintendents have plans of action for their districts. We urge pastors to communicate more, not less, about how the local church is present and in mission during these days. Some will open their homes to colleagues and friends. Some are in ...

Charlottesville and the call to be the Church of Jesus Christ

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We need to create Christian communities that embody an alternative to hatred, as expressed, for example, in the words of Jesus in the Beatitudes (Matthew 5.1-16). We are called to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. And this will happen as we open our Bibles, as we kneel at our altars, as we receive the grace of the body of Christ, and, yes, as we will fulfill the promises of our baptisms.

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