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When is the best time to post to social networks?

Social Media 101 Blog


Want the largest audience for your post on Facebook? Want the most likes, favorites or clicks? Like cooking a souffle or preparing a good roux, there is an art to the timing of your posts.

Public conversations on Facebook

Social Media 101 Blog


Hashtags are now "clickable" on Facebook -- similar to other services like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest

Why Waze may be the next big thing in social media

Social Media 101 Blog


Wow! That is the official word on Waze, one of the hottest new start-up sites in existence and probably the most elusive.

Getting your church started with Facebook

Social Media 101 Blog


Facebook is beyond popular. Over 1 billion people are registered to use the social media giant as of September 2012. With that many people on Facebook, it’s a perfect place to have your church be active, alive and interacting with users.

Communicate your entire church through the church website

Social Media 101 Blog


Quick: What's the most effective method your church uses to move people through the discipleship process? In other words, how do you get new visitors to join? And once they've joined, how do you get members engaged in the life of the church?

How to protect your Twitter account from hackers

Social Media 101 Blog


The use of social networking accounts by businesses for public relations and publicity is creating a fresh set of security headaches for users and service operators.

The ultimate list of social media policies for churches & ministries

Social Media 101 Blog


Here's a great resource for churches researching social media policies.

Storytelling the Stillmotion Way

Social Media 101 Blog


Echo Hub shares StillMotion's storytelling technique. Great for any video producer, but frankly for any storyteller, in any medium.

Here's the first ever website

Social Media 101 Blog


The year was 1991...and the rest is history.

Copy matters: writing for social media

Social Media 101 Blog


Yep. Facebook rocks.

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