UGC stands for "User Generated Church"

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UGC is marketing jargon for "user generated content." Jargon aside, your church is a community of people. That's what I mean by UGC as "user generated church." Are you giving church members an opportunity to express themselves?

Are you excited about Twitter polls? Y/N

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Last week Twitter announced they're rolling out two-option polls. Find out more to get a leg up in your church communications.

Periscope's potential for online ministry

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There's a new kid on the block that specializes in real-time video streaming from phone to phone. As new platforms go, this could be a great opportunity to start using Periscope for your ministry as the platform is still finding its legs. Read more to discover how Periscope could be useful for your church.

You've got to get a head start on Christmas

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There is something about the Christmas season which is unlike any other season on the Christian calendar. Many people just seem to be in a better mood for starters, and in that there is an openness to the deeper meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it.

Socialize with us

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Are you missing out on one of the simplest and most effective ways to hyper charge your church's social media presence?

Call for donations directly from Facebook page

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Did you know that your Facebook business page has a Call-to-Action button? Facebook is also slowly rolling out the "Donate" option, and some organizations are already using them on their pages. You might be able to as well!

FEED your subscribers

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Do you know your site's feed? Prepackaged websites often come with a feed that tracks updates you make to your site. Find out what a feed is, whether you have one already and how to use it.

Manage YouTube without a Google+ account

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Last week Google announced they would be segregating YouTube and Google+ accounts. This means you no longer have to have a Google+ account to manage a YouTube channel. It also means that people can comment on videos separately from the Google+ platform.

Put your church on all the maps

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It shouldn't be hard for people to find directions to your church. Submitting your church to be listed on all the most popular online map services is easy and free to do.

Free graphic resources for churches

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You don't have to have a budget to cash in on great photos for your social media campaign.

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