Social Media 101 Blog

Connecting to youth in a digital world

Social Media 101 Blog


If you want to expand or relate more with your Youth Ministry, you should consider how connected young people are to the digital world.

Using Twitter in Church Communications

Social Media 101 Blog


Want to communicate with your church in a highly engaging way using 140 characters or less? Then you should consider Twitter.

Integrating Religion and Technology

Social Media 101 Blog


From Judaism to Buddhism and Methodism to Islam one thing is consistent: if you want to reach the next generation you need to be tech savvy, and not just on Facebook.

Future of UMC in Social Media

Social Media 101 Blog


The social media future of The United Methodist Church arrived at the 2012 General Conference this May in Tampa.

5 Reasons Churches Should Use Social Media

Social Media 101 Blog


Still not convinced your church can benefit from Social Media? Still need a compelling reason to create and manage your church's Facebook page and Twitter alerts?

Why you need Policies for Online Activity

Social Media 101 Blog


Does your church have a policy regarding online activity? If not, you need to get one to prevent a public nightmare!

Promoting your new website

Social Media 101 Blog


"Our church just launched a new website!" So...why should we see it? When it comes to promoting a new product or idea, as they say in England, "It's not the sausage, it's the sizzle."

Millennials - We Want our Facebook & Phone!

Social Media 101 Blog


Target the next generation of your church. Want to attract a younger generation to your church? Here is a way to get the attention of the "Millennial Generation".

Facebook training wheels.

Social Media 101 Blog


Are you are new to social media? Do you want to get started on a Facebook page. Or do you just want to gain knowledge about social media and the value it brings to the church. Then this blog was created just for you!

Make a BOLD statement with your Facebook page!

Social Media 101 Blog


Your Facebook page should represent your values and the values of the people you want to attend.

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