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Greetings from Connie

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God continues to bless and widen Connie DiLeo's ministry in the Dominican Republic. In this Spirit-filled letter to churches in the US, Connie reports how "friendship evangelism" and "exercise classes" are drawing in people from the community as well as opening up a safe space for children, youth and women. Connie, our prayers are with you!

An Inspiring Encounter

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Cuba is a very special place for me and not necessarily because I was born there. When I visit the Methodist Church in Cuba, God always sends an unexpected blessing that renews my life and my love for the Lord's work. Recently, that blessing came through an unplanned encounter with Rev. Jorge Luis Hernandez of La Pastora Methodist Church in the Central district.

Meet Chicosseno Salvador

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Salvador comes from a very poor farmer family in Lunda Norte, Angola. Angolans would say that he comes from "o mato" (the bushes, in Portuguese). He knows the stinging taste of hunger and the chilling sounds of bullets and bomb explosions. He remembers riding on his father's back as they ran for their lives. He recalls the endless days hiding in the tall grass as his village was being torn apart by rebels. But life is very different for Salvador these days and the memories of war are just that: ...

Received with Joy and Open Hearts

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In January 24-28, a Florida delegation went Haiti to negotiate the final revisions to the Covenant. Revs. Dionne Hammond, Haiti/Florida Covenant Task Force Chair, Fawn Mikel, Covenant member, Dr. Larry Rankin, Conference Global Mission Consultant, and Rev. Craig Nelson, District Superintendent of the Southeast District negotiated the Covenant during the EMH district conference session.

Missionaries' ministry in East Angola continues to expand.

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At the recent Annual Conference event of the East Angola United Methodist Church (February 7-12, 2012), missionaries Leonardo and Cleivy Garcia, from Cuba, received an unexpected appointment to the Quessua church, mother of Methodism in Angola.

News from the Groves in Zambia

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The Rev. Delbert Groves and his wife Sandy are United Methodist missionaries with the General Board of Global Ministries based in Kitwe, Zambia. They serve at New Life, a center established in 2001 through the Groves' efforts, that has grown into a resource for the young United Methodist Provisional Conference of Zambia. Here, Delbert and Sandy share words of gratitude for a fruitful ministry in 2011 and hope in the Lord for 2012.

From the Angolan Bushes to Florida

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"Mom, don't worry about us being hungry; we have been hungry all our lives and we know how to cope. Just help us to get an education." These were the words from Jorge Mucuta, a high school student at the Boarding House in Quessua Angola, when Icel and I finished our mission term in the East Angola Conference and were heading home for good.

Fletcher Anderson continues serving the Methodist Church in Cuba

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The Rev. Fletcher Anderson, a retired missionary of the United Methodist Church General Board of Global Ministries, continues to serve as professor of Biblical Hebrew and other disciplines at the Methodist Seminary in Havana, Cuba. Read his latest letter here.

Merry Christmas from Connie DiLeo

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The Rev. Connie L. DiLeo is a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries assigned to the Dominican Republic. She is an ordained deacon of the Florida Annual Conference, who is developing a new congregation of young adults and youth in the village of La Hoya. In her December newsletter Connie shares the many ways in which her church community in La Hoya is celebrating Christmas

Volunteers needed for Haiti trips

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Experienced UMVIM team leader, Dr. Dick Daily, has just returned from his most recent The Haiti Mission trip. He visited several of the sites that future teams from the Florida Conference will be working on in the Cap-Haitien area in the northern part of the country.

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