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Opening things up!

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In their most recent blog post at "Pitching a tent in Belfast", Florida missionary Britt Gilmore shares pictures and news of the opening up of the Skainos facility at the East Belfast Mission, fruit of twelve years of vision, dialog, partnership, and construction.

What is it about Cuba?

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I have long wondered about our relationship with the churches in Cuba. What is it? What draws us to untangle bureaucratic tape for months just to get there for one week. What makes almost all first time travelers come home with one question? When can I go back?... Cuba is spiritually disorienting. What is it? Too many miracles? There is something.

They strengthened their hands for the good work! (Nehemiah 2:18)

Global Missions Blog


Much has been done in almost ten years of partnership with East Angola, from rebuilding schools and churches to restoring lives and offering hope for the future. In October, Florida volunteers teamed up with the people of Angola to start rebuilding a former Boarding House.

How Can I Help?

Global Missions Blog


After viewing photos and reports of the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy through the Caribbean and the US, many people want to help. Here are suggestions as to how you can help through the emergency and rescue stage.

Say a Prayer, Send a Note (II)

Global Missions Blog


"Say a Prayer, Send a Note" is an initiative of the Office of Global Missions that seeks to encourage churches and individuals across the Florida Conference to support our missionaries by praying for them and by sending notes of appreciation for their service. We are featuring today missionaries Britt and Alison Gilmore, Tim Crawford and Leonardo and Cleyvi Garcia.

The story of Dan Terry's remarkable life

Global Missions Blog


We were all shocked and saddened when in August 2010 we heard the tragic news that Dan Terry had been attacked and killed in Afghanistan, together with seven other foreign aid workers and two Afghans. Two years after his death, childhood friend Jonathan Larson brings to light the story of Dan's remarkable life.

A Summer Camp to remember

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Recently, Dan Christopherson, SW District Coordinator for Methodists United in Prayer, organized a youth team to participate at the 2012 Summer Youth Camp at Camp Canaan, Cuba. Kaitlyn, a 17 year old from Edgewater UMC, and her teammates share their amazing and transforming experiences during this mission trip.

Missionary Jonathan McCurley on itineration in Florida

Global Missions Blog


Florida missionary Jonathan McCurley, currently serving in Japan, will be returning to Florida for renewal leave and visiting supporting churches. Jonathan has set aside January 15-February, 2013 to visit congregations in our conference. If interested in having Jonathan visit your church, contact him at Read the latest update on his blog here.

"Lead Like Jesus" goes to the Methodist Church in Cuba

Global Missions Blog


This project began about two years ago with a discussion with a Cuban pastor at our kitchen table and finally this year came to fruition thanks to a lot of planning between husband Robert Pinera, coordinator of Methodists United in Prayer for the South East district, and the Rector of the Methodist Seminary in Havana, Rev. Alfredo Caballero.

Obey and Pray

Global Missions Blog


Earlier this year, missionary Delbert Groves shared with me the story on this blog about a physically disabled man that God raised up in the village of Chilongo, Zambia. The story took me back to the 80's, when revival took over the Methodist Church of Cuba and we witnessed miracles and wonders everywhere. Now, isn't Jesus the same across space and time? He is certainly not limited to a country, a city or a village and He remains the same yesterday, today and forever! Jesus is very much alive ...

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