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A Report from St. Louis: Monday

The Bishop's Blog February 25, 2019

I wrote this prayer two years ago. I share it again today, slightly revised. O God whose nature and name is love: We pray for the light that shines in the darkness, the radiant light that we see in ...

A Report from St. Louis: Sunday

The Bishop's Blog February 25, 2019

The day began at 7:15 am, when we gathered for the processional into opening worship. I was honored to preach the sermon, which was taken from Ephesians 2, 3 and 4. As I told many people, one of my ...

A Report from St. Louis: Friday

The Bishop's Blog February 22, 2019

Today I gave a reflection to the Council of Bishops on regulating our anxiety and understanding the stress across the church. Years ago I had the blessing of studying for a year with Ed Friedman, the ...

Holiness (All Saints Day, 2018)

The Bishop's Blog November 01, 2018

True religion according to John Wesley is happiness, and happiness is true religion. It is the necessary integration of the love of God and neighbor, or what he described as gratitude and benevolence....

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