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CROS Ministries

CROS Ministries

Community Outreach Ministries
In 1978, a group of United Methodist churches located in Palm Beach County came together to form Christians Reaching Out to Society, Inc. (CROS Ministries). The congregations realized that together they could make a bigger difference supporting the community's hunger needs. Today, our mission is to serve the hungry in Palm Beach and Martin Counties through community collaborations. We operate eight food pantries serving 15 different locations; Gleaning, a produce recovery program; and The Caring Kitchen, a hot meal and homebound delivery program. The increased cost of groceries, housing, gas, and just about everything else due to inflation has left many of our neighbors struggling as their monthly incomes cover less and less. Our programs are a lifeline for many now more than ever.

Sara's landlord increased her rent to where she could no longer afford to stay in her apartment. The rent at her new apartment, which only has a refrigerator and microwave, is more than she is used to paying. However, Sara feels lucky because she is not living out of her car. She is grateful for the food she received from the CROS pantry as it helps her stretch what little money she has left after paying her rent. 

While recovering green peppers during a CROS gleaning event, Michael said it felt so good getting his hands dirty knowing that all of the green peppers he picked that day were going to feed many families.

Betty lives alone and does not have many visitors. She looks forward to Mondays and Wednesdays when a Caring Kitchen volunteer brings her meals for the week. Betty loves chatting with them, even if it is for a brief moment. The connection means so much to her.