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Content Marketing Basics for Churches

Content Marketing Basics for Churches

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Content marketing is a perfect fit for churches. It’s true. It might sound like another generic business term to you, but it’s at the core of what you’re already doing. So let’s dive in and take a look at the basics of content marketing and how it can help you better reach your community.


What is content marketing?

Here’s how I look at content marketing. It’s creating something of value that helps win mindshare so when people are ready to make a decision they turn to you. In a church setting, this means you’re providing relatable advice for people in need. By doing so, when they’re ready to come to church, or take the next steps in being more involved, they engage your church because they trust and value what they’ve already received.  


How do I generate valuable content?

You’re already doing it. Isn’t that great? Churches are content factories. By nature, Sunday mornings are a time when pastors and staff are creating experiences to help people live better lives. Many times all it takes is a little reformatting and repurposing. The key is always keeping audience need in mind. What are the felt needs of someone turning to your church and how can you provide insight that others can’t?


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